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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [SU]

Name:Noburu Asher AKA Noble

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Team: VILE

Class: Human (Assassin/Recon)

Description: He is a nineteen year old, six foot one, one hundred and seventy pound man. His body structure is athletic and built but hidden well with his clothing. His hair is medium length, reaching down to his ears. Before he was a member of VILE, his footsteps were often quiet and scared many people when he would approach them. His eyes were a light shade of violet, almost lilac in comparison. It gives off a soft, relaxing aura that can sooth pokemon and humans alike. His voice is basically normal and his hearing is quite accurate from noticing a pin fall to a raging boar. Eyesight is also not a issue as he has 60/20 vision in both eyes, three times stronger than most humans due to the drugs VILE had put into his body. He is also ambidextrous ,able to write and forge documents with both hands easily. VILE taught him skills needed to survive and with that, he adapted on them and created his own code of ethics. His own CREED. He is proficent with bladed weapons, often prefering a knife or anything sharp
but with switch to swords or axes if need be. He has a great distaste for lances and javalins.

Personality: He is a very quiet individual often not one to engage in conversation unless spoken too. His vocabulary is pretty refined, often able to keep a conversation with adults twice his age,
and often shocking them as well. Often a loner, he will work along side another if it meant completing an objective. He has an affinity for bird as he would often spend his time in high places. This raised his respect for the avian variety and often fascinated him with their wings and talons. He often tends to disappear and reappear at the most random times and places. He likes seafood, preferring salmon or tuna lobster if her could get his hands on it. He is often baited by strawberries a lot as well, easily throwing him off his game. Serenity is a key function for him as he needs peace and quiet at times to function at peak performance.

History: He was wrapped in silk as soon as he was born and left on the doorstep of the church in the west side of Itum. It was cold and wet outside, a light shower grazing over the city. Crying into the night, the door opened and a woman dressed as a nun scooped the child up and brought him inside. The only thing aside from the child, the silk and the basket was a small white card with gold, elegant trimmings. It read Noburu.

The woman was named Sister Isabella, a thirty two year old woman who had joined the coven after running away from an adulterous mother and drunken father. She was an example to all in the ways of kindness, serenity and humility. Every nun wanted a chance to bear a child of their own, but due to the sacred oath, it was forbidden to have relations. This was a nuns dream come true. The boy was defiant, never giving any member of the church an easy time. After numerous fits and tantrums, he was forced into a program to train young men to be missionaries and priests. This didn’t go over well.

After a few years, Noburu turned fifteen and eventually grew accustomed to the lifestyle and did everything half heartedly, only answering to Isabella. She was the only one he could talk to and gave everyone else the cold shoulder. In the woods, he found a Treecko, in pain from poison. He hid it deep inside the church and tended to its wounds. He cared for it just as Isabella cared for him. Two years later, it had evolved into a full grown Sceptile and had an amazing ability to disappear and reappear, as if it was a ninja. This would often keep Noburu entertained for hours on end as it played constant practical jokes. This made life much more bearable, until the dawning of a new chapter. A bloody, new chapter.

During a late night of patrolling the grounds, Noburu suddenly saw the church go up in flames, burning anything and everything in its path. He couldn’t bear to think of what would happen to all that was inside. He ran into the left wing and made his way through smoke and ash when he found his step mother trapped beneath one of the wooden scaffolding, dead. Breaking down, he lost the only person who had cared about him. Inside he saw people creating more flames, instigating the fire. Anger getting the best of him, he ran at the people with a piece of flaming rubble but was struck down immediately. He never stood a chance. He fell unconscious; sure he was going to die in an inferno.

When he awoke, he was in a facility, strapped to a bed with needles sticking out of him. His Sceptile was in the same condition, except shiny now. Demanding answers, a man approached in a black trenchcoat and stated they had experimented on him. When asked the name of “they”, he had simple received VILE. He was forced into multiple training exercises, collared and zapped by mages when disobedient. He couldn’t take it anymore and obeyed. They were teaching him skills he would use against them, making sure to make each member pay for what they had done to him and his family. All hidden techniques and such was now being put to use as VILE’s newest scout/ recon officer. He was given the task of “recruiting” new members to the organization, much to his disgust.


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