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Default Re: Lessening dependency on the Staff Board

I'm kinda on a neutral ground with this, one can easily become a writer and get access to the website staff boards which was active before the summer started but is somewhat of a ghost town now (But should mention that the forum re-organizing was not discussed in there, only website related stuff so it might not be what the person who is making this suggestion is looking for).

I personally think that it would be more fun to surprise members without them having to go trough the tedious process of seeing the project actually get worked on and the project almost die at times. I think it's more fun to have the thing handed to you ready, not almost ready and staying like that for a couple of month.

Maybe a middle can somehow be reached.

A biweekly or monthly newsletter from the staff could be a nice idea, to tell the members what noticeable ideas and discussions took place and are being worked on.
Also I think that with the newsletter that members should give it a little breathing space if the project does die for some reason, maybe something couldn't be provided or it gets put on hold for a few months do to unavoidable reasons, so I think members should read the newsletter with that in mind that nothing is actually set in stone and may take a lot longer time to happen then originally thought off.

Take the Creative Dex for a example, it's opening got delayed for a couple of months because the fine print took a long time to be work out.

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