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Default Re: Lessening dependency on the Staff Board

Originally Posted by Shen View Post
You really think that this is in any way relatable to that incident? Honestly? Look, it is a massive change, and maybe we should have given a bit more of a heads-up about this, but it's not like we're going "Muahahaha, now we changed the forum and will ignore your disagreements forever, you must live with it or gtfo!" As Teo has CONSTANTLY said in the poll thread, just give the forum's new look a chance and let it continue for a little while, see if your opinion changes over a small amount of time.

I know that big changes should be told to new members after the proposition and working out of quite a few things before being executed, it helps reduce the possibility of a huge outcry upon being surprised with a ton of new and unfamiliar stuff, but other things deserve to stay in the Staff Boards because not everything that is proposed is accepted or liked even amongst the staff. And small things tend to lose their wow factor if told in advance to other members, so those things should stay where they currently are.

In other words...

This I agree with. But only cause you said "large changes." Small changes or events, keep those hidden till announcement or execution.


Prreeeeeetty sure he didn't just up and leave for something so stupid as a disagreement with the new forum layout. He's just busy. He did say he contemplated leaving over it, he decided to be more mature about it, obviously.

And also, PLEASE don't make this thread into another debate on the U.S. government. That doesn't even belong here, and it's rather uncouth to bring that kind of crap up in a discussion about the staff boards of a Pokémon forum. References, fine, full-on discussions or arguments, just no. So the next time you talk about maturity, please, remember to be mature about things yourself, and leave petty arguments behind.

Thank you, and have a nice day.
Understandable and agreeable to about... hm... right there.

He said he is there temporarily, and he did not say he was there for good, he said he wanted to stay. We will see if he becomes active again.

It has to do with the argument, to a certain extent. But I will stop.

Also, I am not cursing, and I am keeping it cool this time, so give me credit.
You, also, have a nice day.

And as for you...

Originally Posted by 3m0d0ll View Post
I think you mean excessive. xD And even so, it doesn't conform; I hardly consider two words (one of being completely *'d out) overdone. :P
Then don't use it as an example if it's so far from the point you're trying to make. xD
Yet again, it has much to do with the point. Do some research on it, and maybe you will learn what I am talking about. And not Wikipedia referenced either. Actual history books will do just fine. Maybe a documentary.

And considering I know 4 languages, I think I do a really good job writing and speaking English (like, an amazing job).

Now, speaking of getting off track, 3m0d0ll. Getting back on track, now that would be a good idea.
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