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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Ichiru (Shadow), Kiseki (Firestorm) and Kotomi (Fury) Kagami
Telekinesis/Vectors, Pyrokinesis/Force Fields, Phoenix Fire/Pyrokinesis/Flight
ESM medical room; Outside Enlightened School for Mutants

Because she’s my friend.” Tommy responded to Ichiru protectively, which made him eye the other male suspiciously. “Sure we’re from different groups, but she and I were friends before I joined the Alexander Regime. She fainted from the blood loss, so I had to help her.” The dark haired teen watched as he finished stitching the brunette’s arm and walked across the room to dampen a clean rag with warm water.

Ichiru allowed his vectors to retract, finally realizing that Tommy honestly meant no harm at this particular moment. Shortly after he’d clean the blood off of Ashley, Ichiru saw the brunette open her eyes.

“What happened?” She started to get up, but Tommy pushed her back down gently.

“Try not to move so much yet.” He told her as he grabbed another roll of gauze bandage and began to wrap up her arm. Ichiru averted his gaze to the open doorway, missing the rest of the conversation as he listened for any footsteps or other voices

“Ichiru… I, uhh…” The dark haired teen looked over to Ashley as she addressed him, apparently shocked by his presence, and even thrown off. He started to speak, but Tommy stopped both of them.

“Relax. I already told him that we were friends before I joined Alexander, and that we still are.”

“I know that you told me not to bring it up again but... please Tommy, join this school and leave the Alexander Regime. They’ll take you in here.” After a sigh of what seemed to be relief - although to what, Ichiru didn’t know - Ashley turned back to the blonde.

“I’m sorry Ashley, but I can’t.” Ashley looked down in response to Tommy’s answer, sadness coming onto her expression. “I need to go. Stay here and please rest.” Ichiru looked at the destroyed tile floor as Tommy left, not quite sure what to do now.

Approaching footsteps put the dark haired teen back on alert, and he turned quickly, his vectors whipping out once more from his defensive reaction. Even though Alexander had called back his forces, Ichiru was still somewhat wary of his surroundings; after all, he didn’t know that more enemy mutants hadn’t hung around afterward.

However, when Caroline and Jeremy ran into the room, Ichiru relaxed, giving a soft sigh at his sudden paranoia. Isn’t that what he wanted to avoid, since it normally ended with him hurting people?

“What happened?” Jeremy asked his sister.

“I’ll fill you guys in later.” Ashley ripped out both needles from her hands and stood up, making both Ichiru scowl along with Jeremy and Caroline.

“You need that!” Jeremy beat Ichiru to the response as he walked over to his sister, but Ashley shook her head.

“I’ll be fine now.” Jeremy put an arm around the brunette‘s waist to help her walk and keep her balance. “I just want to go up to the room and rest right now.”

“I’ll take some of these then.” Caroline said as she grabbed bandages, clean clothes and rubbing alcohol from the nearby cabinets and drawers. Ichiru moved out of the way while the trio left, glancing back at Ashley as she stopped and looked at him.

“I’ll see you later.” She offered a smile, which Ichiru managed to return before the three of them disappeared. The dark haired teen hung back for a few more moments before leaving the room himself, breaking into a run once he’d reach the hallway in order to get outside more quickly. When he arrived on the field again, he found it littered with bodies, although the remaining people were all students from the school. The site was truly horrible to see.

Ichiru turned and ran back over to where Kiseki and Keiru had been when he left, seeing that the poles had already been removed from their bodies by now, and some of the students from the school were working on sealing up their wounds. He knelt down beside Kotomi, who sighed in relief upon seeing Ichiru safe again. She’d seen him going back into the school by himself shortly before a bunch of explosions were heard, and had been about to go look for him when he’d come back.

“Some day, huh?” She said, to which Ichiru nodded as Kiseki looked up. Ichiru glanced over to Keiru, then back to Kiseki, who offered a small, reassuring smile when seeing the worried look in his brother’s eyes.

“Hopefully something like this won’t happen again…”
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