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Default Re: Lessening dependency on the Staff Board

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
I agree, mainly because we are the members, and without us, you don't really have a forum to run ;) (I love the .[I][\I]. magicalness xD)

Anyway, to be serious, I think it is a brilliant idea. What is the problem in letting us know anything?
It lessons the suspense. :/ With the ASB, I know that the Officials normally talk about stuff like new Event ideas, or things regarding to Gyms/Contests a few months before we release them. Hell, I'm writing up something about the Halloween Event now! xD So Officials discuss things and pick out the bugs before we release them, and when we do release them, it's epic! ♥u♥||| So yeah. If we'd discussed all that stuff publicly, it wouldn't be as OMFGPOW when they went live. You can't really understand where I'm/we're coming from unless you have first-hand experience. xD
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