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Default War X Poem- Phoenix

~Poem - Phoenix~
(Written from the PoV of a Phoenix)

is my
1000th birthday, and
thus I must hurl
myself into the ashes to
awake to a new life. I hover
above Mt. Kilomanjaro, ready to plunge into
the spacious crater like a diver plunging into
the diving pool at the Olympic Games. I look
down into the wide crater, full of flowing lava as
hot as the very center of the Earth itself. I know
this will be painful, but at least I will not perish permanently.
I point my keen beak down, before rapidly dashing down into the volcano,
bracing myself for the pain which I will feel many more times in my
existance. Gravity helps me towards the crater from my 35,000 kilometer height in the sky.
Falling into the fire, I feel the familiar burning sensation. It scorches my dull
cream skin, cream like the silky sand of Spain. Flickering flames engulf me
as I dive deeper into the crater. Eventually, the fire takes control
of me as I gradually drift into unconsciousness. I close my
eyes for the final time in this life as I
peacefully die. I have lost count of my deaths.

I open my flame-red eyes once more, showing
me magma burning around. I take flight
up towards the light-blue sky to
begin another life. I will
have to suicide again
sometime, but not
for another

Info about the Poem Style (unnessercary):

I have chosen a Diamond formation (sadly, it is hard for me to get text in certain formats on the internet, so you have to make do with a weird diamond shape). This involves having one word on the top line, two words on the next, three words on the next, until you get to a words per line amount of your choice. Then, you decrease words per line. So, if you chosen words per line amount was four, once your got to the line with four words in it, you'd start decreasing the words per line so three words would be on the next line.

(for example, if your chosen word amount was 3, your poem might look like this:
Word Word
Word Word Word
Word Word
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