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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Niusha Marazina
Pokémon Elemental
Outskirts of Parasanti
Affected RPers: White Wolf of Snow

Oddly, nothing made a sound. There was simply the rustling of the leaves, but even that wasn’t much. None of the other mages made a sound, but soon we all say it. A few knights had come in, a scouting team no doubt, and Caoimhe hadn’t liked it. Within moments, she had jumped down, attacking the knights with her powers. I, for one, tended to stay in the shadows. I would not be found by the knights, but then again, I was simply twenty.

Within minutes after this, other mages dropped from their hiding spaces. Elders and younger mages stayed in the trees, as did I. They said that anyone under 20 was considered a ‘Fledgling’, but I had stayed anyway. I didn’t feel like getting in this battle. After this, many knights fell. I noticed Rapidash and Ryhorn had been used as their transportation.

“Ha.” One of the students laughed, “So you thought you could sneak up on us, huh?”

“Quiet, Caelen,” Caoimhe said. She was our leader, as one would say. She was the one that taught most of the young mages to control their powers.

I jumped out of my tree as most of the younger students did, being followed by my Umbreon, Shadowfang. The rustling of the trees was no longer the only thing heard, rather words spoken from Caoimhe and the other mages. One knight, seeming perfectly healthy, yet with his hands tied behind his back, looked at us mages and scowled.

“Vile mages, devil’s scum,” he muttered. “You lot will be the end of all of us! Your corruption will taint this earth, sowing death and disease.”

Now don’t I hear that every day? I thought once the knight was done speaking. Humans such as him would not know what we go through, being Mages.

Caoimhe spoke, but I hadn’t listened to what she said. Mages started running around, freeing Pokémon and finding the wounded. I ended up helping them, freeing some Pokémon. Other younger and older Mages crawled out from their hiding spots. I had done so much earlier due to myself being much older than most of the young mages. I looked around, and saw a five-year-old girl walk up to Caoimhe. She spoke, but again, I was freeing Pokémon.

“Yes, I’m afraid so,” Caoimhe answered. She said it loud enough for everyone to hear, or at least every mage. “We’ve been discovered again.”

I looked down sadly when I heard this. I hated moving, but we had no other choice now. I wouldn’t question Caoimhe, but I simply didn’t wish to leave. Did we need to leave? Couldn’t we simply attack any knights that came around? Both were questions that I would never say aloud.

I saw two more people coming towards us, humans apparently, and sighed. Hadn’t we had enough trouble for a day?

I tried to ignore them and turned towards the tree she had hidden in, climbing up and grabbing things that I had left on the small branch. I had simply left two cuff bracelets and a photo of me and my former boyfriend. I wouldn’t leave these two things here, for they were special to me in an unknown way.

Birds hadn’t sung since the small battle, and they didn’t dare make a sound now. I shrugged and climbed down the tree once I had my cuff bracelets on and my picture in my backpack.

I was ready to go, yet I had never said that I wanted to.

I turned from the tree. Birds started to fly away as a small Pokémon darted from the bushes, roaring up a Flamethrower. Sadly, one of the flamethrowers was aimed right at me. I tried to focus on the details, and could tell that this Pokémon was none other than a Hydreigon. How I hated these so, my hatred towards them might have just grown stronger.

Seeing this, Shadowfang growled, jumped in front of me, and put up a small midnight blue shield-type protection bubble. It protected us from the flamethrower, but the flamethrower, when touching the shield, didn’t disappear like it normally did. It split in eight parts, one going to any side. Some, sadly, were headed towards the trees.

As if as a blessing, a Simipour was climbing in one of the trees nearby. Seeing the fire, it quickly shot out a small Hydro Pump at the flames that were headed towards the trees. Once it was done, it looked at the Hydreigon and shook its head, soon climbing back into the tree.

Once the flamethrower attack was over, I smiled and petted Shadowfang, soon turning my smile upside-down and looking at the three-headed Dragon Pokémon. “So, you think you can simply walk in here and attack us, little Hydreigon. It’s not going to be that way. I never wanted to do this but Shadowfang, use Quick Attack.”

Shadowfang looked up at me, not wanting to attack the Pokémon. Shadowfang ran towards the Pokémon, but turned slightly around at the last second, purposefully missing its target.

I, for one, was amazed. Shadowfang had never disobeyed me in the past, but now? Now was a terrible time! “Shadowfang, come back; I know I don’t have anything to put you in, but just...get away from that Pokémon,” I ordered. “Now, to find the owners of these Pokémon; show yourselves, I dare you!” I was not happy whatsoever. Being attacked once by knights was everything I needed. Now I was attacked by an incorrectly hatched Dragonite? Today was just getting better and better. Yeah, if I were the person behind the bush... I thought.
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