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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Amanda
Harbinger: Fort Aer
Avatar: Saffron
Affected RPers: None

In Fort Aer, the ship known as Harbinger sat, mostly powered down. There was no need to worry inside the Infinite Harbor, amidst its brethren. None would be so foolish as to attack them directly, and if they did it was a simple matter to switch on weapons systems and blow them all to bits. Still, its kind was not limitless, which was why it was currently powered down. Like bees moving around their hive mechanics of various kinds swarmed around its body, doing what it had told them to do.

Out of all of humanity, it liked warriors and mechanics the most. The warriors fought for their goals and interests, despite being in a weak suit of flesh that would be obliterated by but a few shots from its smallest guns. They had courage, and as such deserved to live. This was as long as they did not get in the way of course. Mechanics were an entirely different matter. They had an honor system as well, though it rest in the machines they created and fixed. Harbinger owed its life, and a good portion of its soul, to these humans.

That wasn’t to say it’d let them anywhere near any of its vital areas. They did what it told them to, when it told them to. They only worked on the parts that it had allowed them to. Until it could create nanobots to fix itself and run itself, these humans were a necessary evil, albeit a temporary one. It could be patient; as long as repairs were made and its soul was not destroyed it could live forever. There was no need in rushing things that did not need to be rushed.

[Assuming control,] its computer banks declared, turning part of its attention to its avatar.


“Control assumed,” the human body said, its’ eyes turning a golden color. The body sat up as Harbinger told it to, taking in the surroundings. They had not changed. It was still at the room that it had bought using some of the metals that the meat suits had decided were of important trading value. It would have been just as well to it to stay outside, but keeping the body at its peak was necessary, at was blending in and not attracting the attention of the human enforcers.

It was on a lookout for ichor artifacts or books on research on the process, hoping to either be able to find one of these powerful weapons or to at least learn how to make them. It could have simply done what most do and infuse itself with the ichor so that the avatar personally learned the tricks, but that seemed wrong. Mages were bothersome individuals whose lust for power wasn’t true evolution, simply a false crutch created by those long dead to create for themselves an army of powerful slaves when the time came.

No, it wanted ichor artifacts. Simply weapons like the cannons resting on various parts of its body, these artifacts couldn’t think and would never be subjected to any kind of influences.

But so far it had no luck. It had gone into various tunnels, hoping to find a way into the old city, to find some vault of long lost treasure that would make its avatar, or perhaps even itself, even more of a threat. And it had to be a threat, acting as the Armada’s harbinger, the bringing of destruction. The first.

It accessed memory banks as it neared a deep cave set into the ground. This was it, the next piece of land to be searched. More than likely it would bring nothing but the potential of running into others with the same intentions or a monster or two who sought it harm. But it was patient. It did have forever, after all, to find what it needed.

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