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Default Lessening dependency on the Staff Board

I'd like to make this clear before I start, because I'm sure at least one person would assume this is what I'm suggesting:

I am not suggesting complete deletion of the Staff Boards. Infractions/warnings/bannings and everything should rightfully be kept out of the public eye.

However, I think quite a lot of stuff that is proposed in the Staff Board is more appropriate to have in the view of members. Some mods have even admitted to leaking stuff from the Staff Board, purely because it wasn't anything the members shouldn't hear. After all, without the members, there's no forum to be a mod of. They should be the main priority when any changes come into play.

I just think, to use the recent forum shake-up as an example, if this had been something the members had been involved in from the moment Paperfairy suggested it, there'd be a lot less distaste for it.

So, yeah. Just a suggestion. Comment/criticise/flame to your heart's content.
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