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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Tsuki & Kozanar Estrada
The Cullen
Outskirts of Parasanti
Affected RPers: Charmander009
Tsuki and Kozanar were terrified of going back. They didn't exactly know why. Chances were that any memory of them had been long ago swallowed by the fact that the people who lived there had been told they were dead for so many years that nobody bothered remember them. Parasanti was not the kind to 'not care', but not many ever saw who went into those orphanages, or who came out. For all most of the people of the city knew, after the death of their parents, the two twins had ceased to exist. And yet, quite possibly, it wasn't the fear of being remembered or being forgotten or being treated as outsiders or anything else that involved the people of the down-to-earth settlement. It was something more personal.

As they neared, memories of their parents and how they lost them flooded back. They had hardly any memory of when their mother passed away, but remembered the death of their father as if it was yesterday. It had started small, soon after their mother had been taken by sickness. It became hard to get him to smile, and even harder to laugh. He started sleeping more, and forgetting things while he was lost in thought, probably about his late wife. It had gone on like that for a long, long time. Then, he began coughing. A horrid, wrecking cough that echoed through his fragile frame and shook him like an earthquake, and there was nothing the twins could do but mostly keep away. It was about that time that Tsuki had began to fear that they would left parentless. She had confided her fears in Kozanar, but he had vehemently refused the idea. And in the end, Tsuki had been right.

The path was eerily silent. Their footsteps were silent on the ground, hardly a whisper on the worn path. Kozanar kept his eyes on some fresh tracks, wary of them. They could have only been made several minutes ago, but something felt off. The brown-haired boy furrowed his brow as he followed the tracks. Most of them seemed to belong to a massive, heavy Pokemon (Rhydon, or maybe ever Rhyhorn), and the other two tracks obviously were made by quick-footed equines; Rapidash, more than likely. It was then that he realized why this felt so strange. The forest was silent. No birds sang and nothing rustled in the grass or the undergrowth. That was never a good sign. Birds didn't fall quiet to several riders in the forest.

Kozanar held his hand out before Tsuki, stopping. He glanced at her, the message transmitting through their eyes almost immediately. Now she saw what had been off. Her eyes becoming both curious and cautious, she tapped the Pokemon beside her. Ikuja, the silver, green-spiked, football-shaped Pokemon also known as a Ferrothorn, glanced up at her, then bobbed his body, which was suspended by his arms, forward in a nod. Tsuki's hand dipped into her bag, fishing out a Wiki Berry. She fed it to him, and then grabbed a Pomeg Berry as well, tossing it over her shoulder. Immediately, she heard a snap as the hovering, three-headed Pokemon behind her caught it in mid-air.

Ryugaun was a fine specimen, though average in design. The frills that stretched to the sky and outwards at the base of her neck were longer than most, and as were his six, pitch-black wings. The heads on his arms had sharper maws than most, as well. There were pink scars on his tire-track like markings, though, which was a good sign he could fight (or was good at losing them, but luckily it isn't the latter). He was a bit smaller than most, which was probably why he had been defeated back at the rock face so long ago, though he had been ganged up on by a Dragonite and a Salamence, for Arceus' sake.

The Hydreigon and the Ferrothorn sensed danger here. Ryugaun quelled the habitual snapping of his other two heads and floated along quietly, but all of his eyes did the same thing and narrowed further into a spiteful glare as he glanced around. Ikuja placed the disks on his arms with more care, quieting the noise. Everyone was on edge now. There was magic in the air, and they didn't like it. Kozanar could sense Ryugaun's unease, and Tsuki could sense Ikuja's.

They turned the corner and there they were, a bit in the distance. There was a group of soldiers, along with a mage or two. Kozanar and Tsuki ducked off of the path, into the undergrowth before they could spot them, and slowly moved closer, their Pokemon following. Ikuja altered his walking methods, and instead went your average Ferrothorn style, clinging to the thick branches and grappling that way. He made sure to only choose the thickest ones, though -- the ones that were smaller would shake and rustle.

Ryugaun hated mages. In fact, he shared that hate with his male human companion, Kozanar. And the moment he saw them, he abandoned all sense and rushed out of the undergrowth and towards them, each of his three heads launching a massive bout of Flamethrowers into the midst of them. Kozanar and Tsuki didn't make a sound, but the frustration in their eyes showed. They were obviously outnumbered, but knew they had to be patient. This wasn't the first time this had happened, and over time they had learned to deal with it. They waited, hoping that Ryugaun could hold his own.
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