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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Cullen
Zarun forest, due west of Venefinia
Affected RPers: None

The Voices were slowly fading away, again. Keeping them at bay was hard work, each time more difficult than the last. It was the cursed Thought Police, or the sheer number of mages who practiced their abilities around him in Venefinia. Most of the time, as long as he didn't think of the Dark Ones, and kept his mind occupied with something else, he wasn't bothered. But the damn Thought Police were the cause of most of his confrontations with his inner demons since he settled down in the Venefinia, Mage's Dream. They confronted people daily because they used their powers, but if someone didn't use their powers after being confirmed as a mage, they were suspicious that said person was plotting something evil. And because of this paradoxical way of thinking, they never seemed to leave him alone. Ever since he started working at the blacksmith, under the old member of the Cullen, he had barely used his gifts openly. Whenever he was in the forest, sure, but that was because he could tell that no humans were near him. But never in the smithy, or at all in the city, at least not prior to his master's death.

For some reason his master had, left the blacksmith without a word, and he had been missing for almost a week, before someone found his body a short distance out of the city. His body showed no signs of damage caused by any ordinary weapons, but he had a peculiar smell about him. If Belcarth would have to hazard a guess, it would be poison, but this was the chance the Thought Police had been waiting for. In their eyes, he had simply taken his master for a walk, then killed him once out of the city. And when they now had what they called a legitimate reason, they decided it was time to examine Belcarth for signs of corruption. Had they listened to him from the beginning of the examination though, they would have been able to spare themselves a great deal of trouble, and pain.

As they were about to begin the examination, just before probing his mind, Belcarth calmly stated:

"You do not want to go down that road, trust me."

Ignorant as the designated police were, he just replied, "It is not me you should be worried about, just open your mind and this will be over soon." Then, with a grin on his face, he began. Only to fall to the ground, his face twisted in a peculiar grimace, as he let out a cry.

"I told you not to go in there." Belcarth sighed. Unlike the examiner, Belcarth had been given access to small portions of his powers at a time, first the trees, then smaller plants, then Jayde, and then smaller lifeforms, then the abilities of Jayde. And in order to let the police examine his mind, he had to open all his senses, and not block anything out. The police's only way to get inside had also been the end of the examination.

It took the examiner several minutes just to become quiet and calm down his hysterical cries. And in the meantime, every sword, spear and knife in the room had been pointed at Belcarth and Jayde. And a more skilled examiner had been requested.

As he finally calmed down, one of his superiors had arrived, and as the weapons were lowered, he situated himself in front of of Belcarth, and prepared to enter his mind.

"No, don't!" Said a voice filled with panic, however, this time it was not Belcarth, but rather the previous examiner.

"Stay quiet, there is nothing he can do to me, I've been at this a lot longer than you kid." With a calm but threatening tone he directed his attention at his target, "Don't try anything funny, or you will regret it."

And then it began. Belcarth did his best to keep his mind under control, as to prevent another disaster, but the examiner left his mind within half a minute. As he sat there, regaining his strength, he looked at the other members of the Thought Police in the room.

"Let him go." Was all he said, before giving Belcarth a look that seemed to be a mix of awe and pity. "There is nothing that anyone of you could to to stop him should he decide to escape, but one day he will fall into corruption, he has too much power to avoid it. And when he do fall from grace, we shall be there to catch his fall." And with this threat, he left the room.

This had all taken place about a year ago, and since that day there had been a guard outside his blacksmith at all times.


The voices were now less than whispers, and Belcarth opened his eyes, as did Jayde. Their meditation was complete, but again, it had taken longer to recover than it had before. He needed to get away from this place, lest the voices would get the upper hand. And that same day his prayers had been answered, at least momentarily. A message from the Pack had arrived earlier that day, and this message instructed him to let someone else from the Cullen take over the blacksmith, at least for now, and it commanded him to appear in Parasanti as soon as possible.

While wondering what could be so important as to request his presence rather than just send him instructions as usual, Belcarth and Jayde started to make their way towards the city, and as they came further away from the forest, he prepared himself to close of his mind. He didn't like it, but seeing as he didn't like confrontations with the police, he endured it while around them.

Just as all the emotions around him started to fade away however, he sensed fear, stronger than usual, and rage almost as strong not far from it. Wasting now time, he picked up the pace, and moments later he found a man who were hitting his pokemon, a Growlithe, and despite the canine already cowering in fear, the man kept going.

"STOP!" Belcarth said with a voice that startled the man. "If you hit him one more time, I guarantee that you will regret it." And as he said this, he reached for one of his pockets, picking up what seemed to be a small orb of steel.

"Hah, I take no orders from kids. Mind your own business, this is of no concern to you." And with these words, he lifted his hand again, and took aim at Growlithe again. It never got that far however. As he began his punch, Belcarth threw the small steel orb, and it hit the man on the back of his hand, and Belcarth knew from experience, that there would appear a quite nasty bruise on that hand within the hour.

Belcarth, now with a sword in his left hand, started walking towards the man. "Leave now, and I will consider letting you go. Stay, and the least I will do is take both your hands." Belcarth said, his blade lingering dangerously close to the opponents damaged hand. If there was one thing he couldn't stand, it was the unnecessary pain of abuse. And abuse of pokemon in particular.

The man wasted no time, as he ran off to the city, thankfully not the same gate that Belcarth was headed for. After making sure that he wouldn't come back, Belcarth turned towards the Growlithe that was now laying unconscious on the ground. While no wounds seemed to be lethal, there were still a lot of wounds, so Belcarth asked Jayde to pick up the canine, as they started walking back home, this time, not even considering closing his mind.
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