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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Ichiru (Shadow), Kiseki (Firestorm) & Kotomi (Fury) Kagami
Telekinesis/Vectors, Pyrokinesis/Force Fields, Phoenix Fire/Pyrokinesis/Flight
Outside Enlightened School For Mutants; Inside ESM

“I’ll be fine.” Ashley offered him a reassuring smile while she finished off another Mutant, but Ichiru scowled in response. Somehow he knew something would happen if she kept pushing herself. He noticed her gaze stop on something for a few minutes then, as well as the expression on her face. When he followed her, Jeremy’s and Caroline’s gazes, he instantly saw two males across the field, each with a pole protruding from their bodies; one from his chest and the other from his stomach. The dark haired teen was obviously shocked from the sight, although this shocked deepened into horror when he recognized the male in front. He didn’t even notice Jeremy and Caroline run over to the scene, or even the mutant that Ashley threw into one of the trees that wasn’t burning.

“Ichiru behind you!” Ichiru just had started to run toward the scene when Ashley suddenly shouted to him. However, before he could even turn to look either behind him or toward Ashley herself, he was on the ground. The two rolled a few times on the ground before coming to a stop, where Ichiru opened his eyes, which had instinctively shut upon impact with the ground, to see Ashley on top of him. Slightly dazed, he followed her gaze which happened to be elsewhere, spotting a huge wall of fire headed in their direction.

He started to move, but Ashley proved quicker than he, getting up onto her knees and creating a force field behind her, which blocked the fire from hitting either of them. It rushed by on both sides, narrowly missing both of their bodies. Ichiru managed to sit up on his elbows just before Ashley collapsed back on top of him, her shield starting to weaken. Under normal circumstances, the dark haired teen’s face would have been flushed by now, but he didn’t think much of it in this situation, instead stretching out a hand to try and add his own powers to Ashley’s as he felt the heat beginning to burn his legs. He found himself locking eyes with the brunette for a few long moments before she suddenly got back up on her knees, the force field growing stronger as a result. Ichiru sat up fully as she unleashed a burst of energy which sent the fire back to the mutant and knocked him down.

Ashley stood up quickly then, extending her hand to bring the mutant high into the air before lowering it and sending him crashing into the ground. Ichiru could tell from his motionless body that he had died instantly from the impact. He took the opportunity to stand up himself, seeing Ashley turn to look at him with a smile.

“Looks like you owe me.” Ichiru gave her a smirk, watching her run off toward a picnic table. He faintly heard her yell to Tommy before his attention shifted back to where he’d seen the fallen males a few feet away.

“Oh my God!” Back near the school, Kiseki looked up slowly when hearing an unfamiliar voice, seeing a girl with curly blonde hair kneeling near Keiru and himself. A brown haired boy was with her, who Kiseki didn’t recognize. He’d never seen either of them before, so did that mean these two were the new students?

Kotomi didn’t recognize either of them herself, and was slightly defensive toward the two when they approached Kiseki and Keiru, the flames still dancing around her body due to her rage toward Alexander. However, when she was sure neither of them posed a threat, she relaxed somewhat, remaining by their sides quietly as she tried to think of what she could do to help.

Kiseki looked back over toward the school, where faint yelling and bright flashes of light could be seen. Nalani was fighting with another male a few feet away. When he saw how much of a beating she was taking at first, the dark haired teen actually tried to get up, only to be given a harsh reminder that there was a pole in his stomach shortly afterward.

“Don’t move, Kiseki…” Kotomi reminded him softly, glancing back in the direction the younger twin had been looking. After a yelp of pain in response to his movement, Kiseki attempted to stretch out his hand toward the other male and summon his fire powers, but only a few embers emitted from his palm due to his sudden lack of energy. He cursed under his breath, dropping his hand back to the ground. However, by this time, Nalani had beaten her foe, which put him more at ease.

“Everything’s going to be okay.” Kiseki and Kotomi turned their heads to look back at the blonde, who now had her hands hovering over Kiseki’s and Keiru’s chests. “I’m going to circulate your bodily fluids and keep as much blood into you guys as possible until we can get you to a hospital.”

Kiseki looked like he wanted to say something, but decided against it, instead looking back down toward the pole as he gripped it tightly. He thought about just jerking it out, but he knew for a fact that wouldn’t be a good idea. Kotomi, realizing that there wasn’t much she could do aside from sitting near them, turned back toward the battlefield to cover the blonde as she helped her brother and teacher.

Ichiru slashed an enemy mutant who had been blocking his path across the battlefield with his vectors, watching him fall to the ground with a thud. He was starting to get tired from how much he was having to use the arm-like forces, but he didn’t have much of a choice. His telekinesis was powerful, but the vectors often provided him with a one hit KO, so he had to rely on those in such a situation as this. However, the amount of power it was taking to use them - or rather the ’blades’ on them - was starting to take a big toll on his energy.

As he paused to catch his breath, he spotted the boy that Ashley had been fighting before, who he’d heard her call Tommy, running into the school building with the brunette’s limp body in his arms. He furrowed his brow, starting back across the field shortly after. He’d known she was going to fall unconscious, but what exactly was he planning on doing with her? Was he actually taking her to safety, or what?

On the way inside the school, the dark haired teen stopped near the place he’d been trying to get to, kneeling down beside Keiru and Kiseki. As he saw the state the two were in, he felt a rage beginning to boil up within him as well. Kotomi was a few feet away, fending off any mutants that came toward the group.

“You’re such a reckless idiot…” The older twin muttered as he looked at Kiseki, knowing instantly what had happened.

“Mr. Smith would have died otherwise…” Kiseki managed a weak smile to his brother, who sighed in response. “Go check on the others, Ichiru. I’ll be fine.”

Ichiru started to protest, but the sound of explosions within the school made him do otherwise, rising back to his feet and turning back toward the damaged building. He glanced back at Kiseki, whose emerald eyes urged him to go on. After a moment or two more of hesitation, he ran toward the school, nearly crashing into Amy as she went out onto the battlefield.

Explosions greeted the dark haired teen as he ran into the school, following a trail of blood on the floor in order to search for Ashley and Tommy. As he ran through a classroom, a sudden explosion nearly knocked him off of his feet, forcing him to stop for a moment to regain his composure. He could hear a voice up ahead, although it didn’t belong to either Tommy nor Ashley. He ran out into the hallway and headed toward the medical room, where it looked like the trail stopped, only to be met by shrapnel which was suddenly sent flying everywhere after an explosion. He stopped to shield himself for a moment before looking up to see a man with long, dark hair. It didn’t take long at all to figure out that he was the source of all of the explosions.

Ichiru summoned his vectors, knowing he’d most likely have to fight the man if he confronted him. However, before he could say anything, a shout from Alexander came from outside, commanding his forces to leave. The man sent an orb into a classroom, giving off another explosion, which brought the dark haired teen to scowl.

“Damn him intruding on my fun.” Ichiru heard him say before disappearing into thin air. The sudden disappearance caught the younger teen off guard, but he shook it off soon after, resuming his run to the medical room, where he saw Ashley on the examination table and Tommy apparently having been trying to fix her up before. There were signs of an explosion here too, although luckily not as badly as in the halls and classrooms. He looked at Tommy first defensively, but after her truly realized the situation, the look shifted to one of confusion.

“You’re helping her?” He scowled, giving the other male a hard look as he walked over to the table, looking down at the unconscious brunette. “Why?”

Hearing a yell of pain, Kiseki looked up to see Amy coming across the field. He instantly noticed that the gloves she’d been wearing were off. She attempted to attack Alexander, but he narrowly avoided it by levitating into the air out of her reach. Amy’s hands were glowing with a bright light, which she used to unleash a blast of radiation toward the older man, who summoned scrap of metal in the air in front of him in order to barely stop the blast before it hit him. The radiation itself melted the metal, turning it into molten scrap, which made both Kiseki and Kotomi stare at it in shock. Neither of them had really known much about Amy’s powers, let alone what they could do. It completely made sense that she wore gloves to protect the people around her now…

After a pause, Amy raised both hands into the air, unleashing two beams of radiation which burst forward like a nuclear explosion. The attack cut through Alexander’s forces, the sheer power of the beams sending them flying backward. Amy dropped down onto one knee, and Kiseki almost tried to get up and go to her out of instinct, but this time remembered the pole and remained still.

Alexander’s laugh made him look up to the older man with a glare, who was still levitating in the air.

"Let's go!" He shouted, ordering what seemed to be a retreat. Kiseki and Kotomi both sighed in relief as his forces began to leave. The courtyard however, was almost in ruins. Flames has shredded most of it, and bodies littered the ground from both sides of the battle. The site was sickening and heart-wrenching at the same time. He noticed a man with long, dark hair appear near Amy, giving her what seemed to be an expression of disgust before spitting in her direction and walking off, which brought Kiseki to scowl.

Two fellow mutants approached Keiru and Kiseki shortly after, kneeling down next to them where Kotomi previously had been. The dark haired teen grit his teeth as the pole was carefully pulled out of him, nearly collapsing onto the ground when it had been removed. However, as the mutant began sealing up the would, he remained still, glancing over at Kotomi as she knelt down on the other side of Keiru and himself before looking back over to the blonde who had helped them until the other mutants arrived, giving her a small smile.

“Thank you for your help.”

OoC: Sorry about the length... I honestly didn't expect it to be so long. It was mostly recap so...
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