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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [SU]

Name: Fin
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Team: VILE

Class: Mage - Can manipulate semi-small amounts of metal as if they were liquid, changing them between forms at will with his mind (He only really uses this for a chunk of it he keeps on his person). He can also manipulate it's temperature. Also has some power over the general Earth element in that he can move around his weight in earth and rocks, but he rarely uses that aspect of his magic.

About 5'9", he's pale and usually has some amount of dirt on his face and hands. He dresses in gray clothes, and usually has a hoodie on with his head covered. His hair is semi-long, brown, and messy. Usually goes barefoot or with worn-down sandals. His eyes are usually a bluish-green, but if he uses magic, the irises turn a bright red. He keeps a large shoulder-bag with him at all times and usually has a rod of metal that he carries around as self defense or whatever utility he needs to change it for.

Fin generally keeps to himself and doesn't communicate. He's usually in a somewhat irritated mood, but if people approach him in a way he's okay with, he can be a very vibrant person. Regardless of what mood he's in at the time, he can easily be angered if someone says the wrong thing. He's pretty smart, because he spent a good half of his life alone and had to fend for himself and learn quickly.

Fin was born as a lower class Mancian and his life was lived somewhat poorly for the first eight years. He discovered his magic abilities at the age of four, and didn't bother telling his parents about it or the voices, not having realized how the weight of the matter. He generally ignored the voices, but it got to the point that he told his parents about it around the age of seven because they were getting louder and maybe even influential. His parents had been saving money to send him off to somewhere better to live his life, thinking it would be better than Mancia. They advised him to be careful about it, and he next year, he was sent to live in Venefinia with a Nidoran to keep him company.

Fin picked up life quickly from there. His abilities were considered much more controlled at that age than other children, and while he lived on the streets for a year or two, he found it was easy to maintain a home if he and his Nidoking were the only one to be taken care of. As a skilled Pokémon battler, he had a decent income to keep himself alive. He worked hard, but didn't really like his lifestyle. He had heard rumors of an organization called VILE, but he knew very little of it. The idea of it sort of appealed to him, but not enough to try to join. He decided to let life drag on and that he'd be able to do something with his abilities eventually. But if he didn't do it soon, he'd have nothing to think about except his slow but imminent corruption. To Fin, VILE was starting to seem like a better and better idea.

Pokémon: Nidoking
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