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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Asukira Vollua (Reaper)
Alexander Regime
Destroying Enlightened School for Mutants; Leaving ESM with Alexander

Destruction settled in his wake as he moved throughout the school. Every room he came across was destroyed. The library, the gym, classroom, all destroyed by him. He met opposition but took them out of commission by absorbing their energy. These students had delicious energy, energy that made Asukira very happy. A smirk on his face he continued further into the school, destroying dormitories and bathrooms. He'd leave nothing for them, nothing for these little rats. He hadn't yet found Alexander and was getting rather annoyed, but he continued fighting his way, destroying over half the school. There was a blast that radiated throughout the area. It was radiation, of which Asukira absorbed into a magical sphere that he had summoned. It glowed brightly and vanished before another wave of energy was unleashed. Whoever was unleashing such energy would be down before they knew it. He placed a barrier around him and watched as the power flooded around him before subsiding. He sighed and was about to resume his destruction when he heard the voice of Alexander informing them that it was time to go. A inhuman growl escaped his throat. He was having fun, and here he came summoning him to leave. He launched one last destructive orb of energy into another classroom and watched as the room exploded, scattering debris in every direction.

"Damn him intruding on my fun," Asukira stated as he closed his eyes and vanished. He appeared right beside Amy and looked down at her with much disgust. He walked off, spitting in her direction before joining Alexander and the rest. Apparently they had gotten or achieved what they had set out to do, but Asukira was not happy. When he approached Alexander, a scowl was on his face.

"Why did you stop my fun?" Asukira asked as he walked at a steady speed beside the leader of this Regime. One could tell that Asukira was pissed off, but he wasn't one of which to approach with little respect, else you'd find yourself with no energy and little life force, if any.

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