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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Amy Kabari "Vengeance"/Keiru Kabari "Justice"/Alexander "Blade" Maverick
X-Force/X-Force/Alexander Regime
Induced Radioactivity/Electricity/Manipulation of Metal
Enlightened School for Mutants

Amy hated herself for being a coward. She was afraid of her powers, and thus refused to help due to the fear. People were dying out there and all she could do was cower in the building. Explosions riddled the building, debris scattering across hallways.

"Mr. Smith!" a male voice split the air, causing Amy to look up, her eyes widening at the sight of her brother, his body pierced by a pole.

It was then that she saw Kiseki get between Keiru and Alexander, and was pierced by the second pole which had been heading for Keiru. Rage exploded within Amy. Her brother. The students. Kiseki. Enough was enough.

Amy tore the gloves off of her hands, as rage engulfed her. Within moments she could feel the heat originating from her hands, and it felt welcoming. She arrived on the courtyard, walking with a purpose towards Alexander. A mutant charged towards her, and she placed her hand on the mutant's face, a cry of pain exploding from the mutant, as he fell to the floor. Amy didn't even break her focus upon Alexander as she unleashed a blast of radiation that sent a handful of Alexander's mutants crashing to the floor.

Keiru was surprised to see Amy, especially using her powers in such a manner, but he was relieved that she was there. Alexander sensed the attack coming before it arrived, and levitated in the air, narrowly avoiding the attack, and he stayed in the air, out of reach of the mutant.

Amy's hands were enveloped in a bright light, and she growled as she looked up at Alexander, whose attention was upon her, and he was amazed at her power. She snarled as she unleashed a blast of radiation towards Alexander, who summoned scraps of metal into the air in front of him, barely stopping the blast of radiation, which melted the metal, turning it into molten scrap.

The students were being pushed back, and most of them were either on the floor injured, or fleeing back within the school. Amy looked around, noting that most of Alexander's forces were in front of her, and her allies were behind her, and nodded to herself. She raised both her palms into the air, and unleashed two beams of radiation which burst forward like a nuclear explosion, cutting through Alexander's horde, sending mutants flying backwards from the sheer power of the beams. Most of Alexander's force was incapacitated by the attack, as Amy fell onto one knee, tired out by the exersion of power from her attacks.

Alexander smirked, and began to levitate away, laughing.

"Let's go!" Alexander shouted, commanding his mutants into what appeared to be a retreat.

Amy collapsed to the floor, burying her hands into her shirt so as to not harm any of her allies or friends, and remained where she was. Two mutants came over to Keiru and Kiseki, and knelt down next to them, carefully pulling out the poles, and began their work on sealing the wounds, though the two would still be injured and feel the pain of the wounds for some time. They would also have to remain in the base's medical center for several hours as they recuperated. The school was heavily damaged due to the attack, flames shredded the courtyard, and bodies from both sides littered the ground.
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