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Default Summer Jobs

So did you get one this summer, what is it? How do you like it so far? What are you doing?

Well I got one and on Friday we end week 4, well it's really fun and I get to do alot of different things, turns out the group I was hired into is used as temps for the summer activities, daycare and build a cabin and that kinda stuff...

So yeah I'm sent to help build a cabin and they send a request for me out of the 15 people to come back, they have requested to send specifically me, by name 5 times and I was sent to a day care one day, the the same bloody thing happened they requested me by name to come back 4 days straight, and after the weekend, they did not ask for the girls sent with me funny isn't it, tho I've only gone 4 times to the daycare and 3 times to the build a cabin thing, and then to a daycare at another school, in summer daycare they go downtown and to the zoo and sight seeing... Taking a bus with 40 6-9 year old children is so stressful that I just hate having to take them on a bus.
Yesterday they both asked for me so I picked the build a cabin thing, I think building is fun.

But yeah my job title is suppose to be organizing events like beach ball tournament charity concert and what ever for children and teens, but we have to make 1 elderly event.

So I hope you guys see why I'm annoyed with the constantly being requested for, I mean it's nice knowing I'm doing a good job and it can be fun, but I just don't like having to go there to often, if I wanted to be working full time at a daycare I would have applied for that specific job but I didn't. Am I being rude to the woman and they guy that keep requesting for me. I mean there are 14 other people they can get, some have never gotten to go temp, and it actually happened the other day we were sent on a bus to a big play field near a beach with the kids. And guess who I run into, about 10 kids (the once that weren't borrowed as temps) and my bosses, playing volley ball at the beach and when I asked to join they say I need to take care of the kids.

I just don't find it fair.

They get to slack of play ball and be next to the cooler with the free soda and the free doritos while I'm being sent around town with 40 children or building a cabin.

So my frustration is more that while I'm working they get to have fun, and yes there are special children in these groups which add a lot more stress, both physically retarded and the ADHD children who act out impulsively and use violence against the youngest children. The people who keep requesting me, the head of the daycare and build a cabin thing are really nice and fun and pleasant to be around but it annoys me that the other once never get sent. Like today, I get for the first time in a long while to do my job and it was so much more stress-less then having to look out for all those kids, we even played American football after launch, and I got to take a launch break, something your not allowed to do when sent off, you get no breaks and have to eat with the children while constantly monitoring them.

So yeah that is my summer job, yeah I know really stressfull.. xD Also tomorrow I'm working 10 hours, today I worked 11 hours, they are making us work longer to make up for the 3 days off, 2 national legal holidays and the one day they pushed back do to THEM (My bosses) being in Denmark so we started a day later. Anyway since I see there logic and I think it's a good one I'm not gonna say anything, you see next month we get payed as if we had been to work those 3 days, but we add extra hours to some days to work it up (24 hours in all, about 17 extra left)..

So now yeah, since I got that off my chest, really tired you can talk about your summer job! :D

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