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Default Re: --horror-- [Collection of Short Stories]

This story was for a school project. It was entered into a competition, but we never found out how we did.

Screeching Laughter
Always remember the past...

It was now or never; I couldn’t lose now. I’d gone five days straight playing this, and if I failed now then I would regret it forever. My horse strode forward, and I was about to throw my spear straight through my enemy’s chest.

“DINNER, NOW!” my Mum yelled.

I paused my game then slid down the edge of our stairs. As I put my hand on the kitchen door to turn it I felt something brush past me. Wait, not something, someone.

“Shina, now,” she yelled again.

I shrugged my shoulders and opened the door. The smell of roast dinner surrounded me. “Thought we were having something disgusting today?” I laughed.

“Get over yourself, Shina,” my grouchy older sister groaned. She was always on her mobile, whatever we were doing.

“Whatever, Kayla.”

I made a face at her before I sat down.


After dinner I decided I couldn’t be bothered to go back to my game, so I went into our grand living room. I ran and did a somersault onto the sofa. “Never done that before,” I laughed to myself. I went to grab the TV remote when the TV turned on all by itself.

“Very funny, Kayla,” I said sarcastically.

Kayla called from the kitchen, “What?”

“Uhh... never mind,” I said, confused.

I switched over to a random channel, and then left the room. I don’t know why I chose a random channel or why I left the room, I just seemed to do it without thinking.


I can always get to sleep at night, but tonight I couldn’t. Something was worrying me, I just didn’t know what. Then I remembered, it was when that thing brushed past me. I tried to forget, but it had scared me terribly. I decided to shake it off I would go and get a glass of water.

I ran down the stairs then went into the kitchen. I saw shattered glass on the floor, but the only place that could have some from was either the window, which was intact, or a glass from the cupboard. I didn’t want to step over the glass in case I stepped in any, so I just decided to go back to bed.

Just as I was about to step onto the first stair, the doorbell rang. I didn’t want to wake my mum, so I just answered the door myself.

A young girl, about the age of six who was soaking wet stood on the front door.

“Hello,” I said, “What’s your name?”

“Shina,” she said.

“Funny, my name’s Shina too. Would you like to come in?”

She nodded then entered. I took her into the living room and grabbed a towel from the bathroom. I wrapped it around her shoulders.

We sat together silently for a little while, before she broke the silence by saying, “Did she get to you? Did she hurt you?”

“Who, did who get to me?”

“Her!” She seemed afraid. She was pointing just above the TV. I couldn’t see anyone.

“Sorry sweetie, but there’s no one there,” I said.

She went silent.

That was it. That moment. That was when I realised that the little girl named Shina wasn’t a whole different person; it was me from the past.
I remembered when I was six and I saw a lady, dressed in white, sitting on top of the TV. I had told my older sister, Kayla, but just like I had then, she said there wasn’t anything there.

I knew the lady was somewhere, but I couldn’t see her. That’s when I looked to my side and the little girl had gone, and the lady sat in her place.
She lunged at my neck, just like she had wished to do before, but only this time, it hurt, and before I knew it, everything was black, and all I heard before it happened, was the horrible screeching laugh of the lady.

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