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Default Re: [WAR X] - URPG Section

3 VS 3
Revolution (DPP)
No Held Items
Normal Weather
Normal Terrain
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO Clause

Ataro of Octopus Babies Vs Mubz of VILE

Ambipom, Gengar, Jolteon | Infernape, Sceptile, Dragonite

Well, Ambipom took a few hits at Nape before u-turning to Gengar, who proceeded to get taunted by Nape. Gengar, though, Dark pulsed, that flinched, scared nape away to let Dragonite get hit with Psychic, on then to get icy winded and sludge bombed to death. Dragonite managed to hit Gengar with a hard Outrage, letting Scept night slash it to death. Ambipom came back and finished off Scept with by countering an SD'd drain punch. that's 558 damage. Nape came back with priority moves, and finishing Ambi. Jolt came back and swept up with tbolts. gg

Ataro gets 2K and +1 point to those Octopus Babies
Mubz gets 1K
I get 2K for reffing.
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