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Default Re: Future Team Speculations and Wishes (may include spoilers for dub watchers)

Serious doubt that Oshawott and Axew would ever evolve.

It is clear that Oshawott is our 'Piplup' for BW. They are going to try to make toys for this pokemon and keep giving it screen time. It may be less compare to earlier in the series but he still be noticeable. I lover Oshawott and I love Dewott but we not going to see Ash's Oshawott evolve unless they want to do SERIOUS character development for the pokemon which I don't see happening. Oshawott seems to be a serious marketing tool for the anime and it is easier to sell cute things then 'serious' things.

Axew maybe due to that whole dream thing but I doubt it. That little dragon falls under the same trap of Oshawott where he is too cute to evolve. Also it would have to deal with the writers having to figure out what to do with Fraxure since it be WAY hard to believe that a little girl can support a heavier pokemon that hides in her hair. Her carrying an Haxorus is way out of the question.

The others. I could care less if they evolve or not. Maybe tepig but I like them as they are. Especially Snivy. Her smug and 'I am better then you attitude' works best as a snivy.
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