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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Damien "Huntsman" Stanislaus & Alan "Totem" Rhane
Super Senses, Shape Shifting
Enlightened School for Mutants Courtyard

Damien had been one of the first to join the fight against Alexsanderīs forces, he had been firing a small targets from an ATV, all had been perfect bullseyes, now, both his hunting rifle and ATV had been tossed away and he was raining shafts of death down with his bow. He saw Alexander standing over Justice, the X-Force leader and almost began firing at the evil man, but so many people had joined in that fight, he had no idea if he would hit a comrade or not, so he decided to signal Alan. Alan had been in his bison form, a powerful juggernaut of rippling muscle, smashing away at the invading forces with terrifying rage. He had ripped up a good sized tree and was now laying low almost ten mutants with every blow. Damien pulled out a reed whistle and blew a piercing note. Alan left his fight to charge towards Damienīs side.

"Whatīs wrong?" he asked, his voice gruffer and deeper in his bison form.

"That son of a viper, Alexander is about to kill Keiru, we need some muscle down there!" Damien shouted over the sounds of the battle. He was about to tell Alan to be careful, but the man had already left, cutting a path through the opposing mutants with powerful blows of his makeshift cudgel. Damien turned back to the battle as a mutant leapt over the allied forces and landed in front of him, the mutant raised a clawed hand a brought it down swiftly, but Damien's machete was faster and the mutants arm fell to the ground, his head soon followed suit.

"Not fast enough" Damien said, exhausted. He had just enough time to look up at the boulder sent flying at his head, hurled by a herculean mutant with super strength who charged after Damien after seeing him nimbly dodge the boulder. Damien grimly drew two machetes and faced his massive opponent. One blow from the mutants fist would probably kill him, so he had to be careful. He dodged the first few punches before rolling under the man and stabbing upward into the behemothīs thigh. The strongman bellowed in pain and anger. as he collapsed to his knees. Damien then dodged around the flailing arms of the wounded giant in order to send his razor sharp blade into the giants sides, finally scaling the manīs back and plunging his second machete deep into the mutants spine at the base of his skull, severing his brain and killing the man. He pulled his two machetes out and returned to the battle.

I wish I had my shotgun Damien thought as he disarmed a mutants with one fluid movement. He had left most of his guns in the X-Force headquarters, under the school, and it was way to late to go retrieve them. His falcon dived and gouged out the eyes of a mutant about to use a telekinetic strangle on him and Damien shoved his shoe knife into the mutant's chest with a powerful kick.

Alan "Totem" Rhane
Near the battle between Alexander and Keiru

Alan charged Alexsander, with the fury and power of the bull bison which he was currently in the form of. He could only think of ending the evil man's reign, here and now. He saw both Keiru and a student with long pieces of metal jabbed deep into their torsos, and this simply fueled Alan's rage even more, how dare Alexander attack this sacred place. He charged in behind Alexander and hefted the tree he had been using as a mace.

"For all those whom you have made to suffer under your vile reign, and for the glory of God, our creator, I wil end you here and now!!!" He roared and swung down with all his might.

OOC: I forgot about the original Xavier institute being destroyed, thanks for the reminder. By the way, how do ya like my first post, be sure to tell me if I missed any important details.
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