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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [SU]

Name: Harbinger

Age: Irrelevant

Gender: Formerly male

Team: Amanda (Bahahaha)

Class: Ship



After years of service Harbinger is now dull gray, with small swaths of red markings here and there. The ship is on the smaller side compared to the rest in the Armada’s armada, though it has grown from being a small ship to the smaller side of medium. The two sets of viewports at the front of the ship now mysteriously glow white golden, a sign of the sentience that the massive construct now has.

Armaments include a two barrel main gun, which was used to great success versus other armed ships, and has the bests range. Now it is most effectively used to destroy heavily armored objectives, though it is also the least accurate. There are ten secondary guns, five mounted along the port and starboard hull each. These smaller cannons with medium range serve for surgical strikes, given their higher accuracy. Several machine gun turrets serve as anti-air defense, producing the highest rate of fire at the shortest range, making them useless against heavily armored opponents.


Much like the Eclipse evolved into the Harbinger, the avatar has evolved from a boy mechanic into a powerful man. All of this was within the careful nurturing of Harbinger, who turned him into a lean mass of muscles. He has a host of scars on his body, though nothing that Harbinger itself cares about or even notices. Clothing is always practical, covering up the necessary parts and offering a good variety of protection and maneuverability.


Harbinger is loyal to the Armada and their cause, perhaps even more so now that its morals and opinions of the individual crew members are no longer an issue. It answers only to Sovereign, though its goals oftentimes coincide with the others. When it comes to Armada missions it is to be the first one in and one of the last ones out, the harbinger of the meatbag’s defeat. It finds a simple joy in this role, this purpose that has remained from its time as a simple crew and ship.

Like most of the avatars, Harbinger is mostly devoid of any vestiges of human emotions. It has an odd sense of honor, a dislike of large scale biological weapons, and it approaches both mages and Pokemon with a mixture of annoyance and curiosity. Most humans he regards as wastes of space, but the powerful, honorable warriors he respects deeply for their will to fight that surpasses the bonds of their weak flesh.

The most powerful feeling that it inherited from the captain of the ship is the need to evolve. So much so that it became an obsession. At first it was simply evolving the avatar’s body to become a fighting machine, but after this was finished Harbinger started to work on perfecting things like fighting styles and tactics. It was to be a one-man army if need be, so it had to be the very strongest.

Lately, it has started looking into ichor. Though it has neither want nor ability to actually learn magic, magically infused artifacts interest it greatly as weapons.


Ship: Before he became himself, Harbinger was a red ship named Eclipse, the fastest in existence. It was to be the penultimate hit-and-run ship, able to move in and quickly destroy key objectives before retreating unscathed. As the war progressed the ship became a strong symbol, a flying beacon of hope amongst battle weary troops. To facilitate this new role, the ship had to allow itself to be shown, to even leading the armada into warfare at its head, dropping some of the effective tactics for the moral boost that simply showing itself to their allies before joining in the attack.

A smart man, known for evolving himself and his crew to fit the needs of every situation and operation, the captain of the ship knew that the ships run as a hit-and-run ship had evolved into that of the harbinger of war. It was to move slowly into the fray, allowing the opponents to see it coming, allowing all the psychological fear to spread before the harbinger ripped into their lines. And so his on-ship mechanics, a crew that simply evolved into the best and brightest through experience and raw potential, created a powerful armor. This armor made the craft bigger, heavier, and slower but multiplied its defensive power greatly.

The Battle at Lascent Ridge changed the war and all the hopes for the mighty ship. It was one of the many ships in the Armada hit by the attack, and like all the others its roster was brought down to a pitiful number. The crew signed on for the soul binding in a heartbeat, having developed an incredible loyalty to the ship that had been their home and protector. In perhaps the last purely human decision what was now Harbinger chose the body of a young but promising mechanic as its avatar.

Human: Does it matter? Now there is only Harbinger.


Other: I will hadouken.

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