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Default Re: [WAR X] Debate Section

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In my opinion, I don't think that we should withdraw ALL troops. If we withdrew completely, a possiblity is that terrorists would take over all the oil fields in the middle east and allow further funding to terrorist attacks on the US. If we just go willy nilly and withdraw, we are putting American lives in danger! Not to mention the fact that we spent $685.1 billion dollars on the military last year, and how much we owe to other countries, such as China. Also, the oil over in the middle east. Infact, we are running out of oil supply here in the United States, so we feed off of the oil from the middle east. Though Iraq isn't all that powerful, they have control over natrual resources, and the economic impact is huge to the rest of the world, and the US also uses the most amount of oil, we would be impacted the most. In fact, I never supported this war and am pretty angry that we are in it in the first place. But now that we are there, if we left now, it would be even a more un-stable enviorment then when we arrived. I feel we should be there buliding schools, creating jobs, and making things stable other than fighting. Although the idea seems un-realistic. On the other hand, if we pulled some troops out, we would be saving lives. Infact, more than 1,000 US soldiers have died there since October 2001, and more and more are dying. But if we keep some troops in, to make sure nothing horid goes on, and to keep things settled, then lives are saved, the middle east is controlled, and we still get oil. The oil they import is buying us time to make cars that do not rely on gas. As I previously stated, oil supply is running low. So, we need to make cars in which do not rely on oil. When the oil runs dry in America and we stop recieving exports of oil from the middle east, then we are in a heap of trouble. No one will be able to drive, therefore, many businesses will have to shut down, because people will not be able to get to them. The only businesses that would stay fluent in customers would be supermarkets, such as Wal-Mart, Food Lion, and others to be un-named. The loss of business would cause loss of money, which leads to starvation, which leads to many many deaths theoretically. So, If we draw out, terrorists will attack US, people will starve, and we will lose billions of dollars. Also, we are giving so much to other countries, and not getting little to nothing back. We have our own problems, like the debt to China! If we stop giving so much to other countries, then we could have a better economy. The economy is horrible in America, many job losses and un-employment rates are at the 10 percentages in the state I reside in. If we withdrew, we would also have a better econoimy, as saving money rather than throwing it all in to millitary funds. They have a government over there, (except for Libya :p) And we basicaly supply it. It's time to get our heads in gear and realizing what's going on.

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