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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Asukira Vollua (Reaper)
Alexander Regime
Attacking Enlightened School for Mutants

Silence was his best friend. It allowed him to think on the previous actions and assess whether or not he should perform said actions again. He had just robbed another bank, vanishing before the police could get there and clearing their memory with a spell he had learned. It was an adventurous day, a day filled with wonderfully disastrous events. First he had blown up a restaurant that had served him raw steak. He had told them well done but apparently they'd misunderstood. Well good luck with building a new restaurant. The next thing that happened was quite sadistic to say the least. He had ran into a human who had approached him after the explosion, questioning his presence. Asukira didn't like his kind, nor did he like the tone of voice the man was using. With a swipe of his hand, the man was blasted with a destructive type of magic, magic that wore away at the soul of its victims and would eventually kill the man.

A smirk on his face, he ventured further into New York, until he found the place where he could get some peace and quiet. The darkness of the abandoned factory gave him much needed isolation from humans and mutants alike. He began to meditate, everything around him vanishing until there was nothing. Meditating calmed his nerves and allowed him to see past his physical eyes. It was in this state that his senses were on high alert and he could see past his normal limitations. As he sat there on the factory floor, meditative state was interrupted by the exploding of a tank and airplane. His eyes flung open as he looked around the factory.

"Alexander," he said softly as he stood to his feet and strode out of the factory, vanishing. Moments later, he appeared at the scene of the destruction Alexander had caused. It was a marvelous feat for that man to be able to manipulate metal with just a thought. A smile crossed Asukira's lips as he closed his eyes and locked in on Alexander's presence, following the energy he gave off. In an instant he knew where he was.

"A school, but why would he........ahh I see," Asukira stated, remembering what Alexander had told him the day before. He'd be attacking the school for mutants to test their defenses. It was something that Asukira didn't know how to feel about, but he was part of the Regime and would do his job. He vanished again, this time appearing amongst the battling and use of abilities. Just as he arrived, a mutant launched a ball of ice directly at him. Asukira sighed and knocked it away with a wave of his hand.

"Typical, these students know nothing, but Alexander must feel that this is the base for the X-Force. Where is he?" Asukira asked himself as he began to wander through the school looking for the man he served willingly. It was then that he came across children. One seemed to be hurt and the other attempting to fix her up. It amazed Asukira that this female resembled Alexander's niece.

"Well well, what do we have here? A band of teenage heroes? Alas I suppose I have to do my job regardless." Asukira allowed energy to wrap around his hands as he stood there before the children, a magic barrier wrapped around him, preventing him from being the victim of telekinetic abilities. A smirk crossed his face, he often hated fighting those who were, how could he put it? below him, but if Alexander was attacking this school, these students must be put out of commission if only for a short period.

Orbs of energy began to form around Asukira, a mischievous smirk on his face as he thrust his hand forward, one of the orbs shooting forward, hitting the ground next to the children, causing a dangerous explosion. He shot another one at a few students who were running. When the orb struck them, they were knocked unconscious. Another orb shot forth striking the school building, destroying part of it, sending shrapnel in every direction.

"I've not had this much fun in quite a while," he said sending another orb to crash into the school, causing another explosion. He simply smirked and continued his onslaught.


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