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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [SU]

Name: Tschaveh Tenk (pronounced "Shaveh Teink"), "Shub" to his friends

Age: Over twenty, but under twenty-three, by his reckoning.

Gender: Male

Team: VILE

Class: Human.

Tschaveh is well-trained in the use of his sword, which is a typical one-hand curved blade (similar in rough shape to a scimitar, but not as thick). He can use it with a shield (although he does not customarily carry one, and so is not as skilled with this method of close combat) but prefers to battle with one free, which allows for a very informal and flowing style of battle. This allows him to easily combat multiple enemies by being unpredictable, but the trade-off is that he has trouble dealing with armoured enemies. The sword itself is just over a metre long, and slightly worn from numerous fights, but still in working condition. The handle has an uncharacteristically graceful handguard that swoops around one side of the grip that Tschaveh can hook into his pants and uses instead of a sheath.

He is also capable with throwing knives, but does not normally carry them around because of their weight and the cost of replacing them. Tschaveh looks down on ranged combat in general anyway, preferring to fight up close, but he will use long-range weaponry if it's provided to him. He is, however, a poor shot at best. He has one other trick up his sleeves, and quite literally so - a metallic glove that has interesting properties. The glove seems to act like a direct uplink into his Pokemon's soul, and so with his partner's help Tschaveh can increase his battle efficiency by using the glove to expel energy, allowing him to increase the distance of his jumps, blast enemies away, and other such things that Kikiraz can do normally. However, the power of these blasts are greatly reduced, and they get weaker the further away from Tschaveh Kikiraz is. Furthermore, the glove gets hot with prolonged use, and because of previous events it has melted onto Tschaveh's hand. For this reason he rarely uses it, as overuse can result in debilitating pain.

Description: Tschaveh is of below average height, about 170 centimetres tall. He isn't especially muscled, either, but that's not indicative of a lack of strength. His muscles are wiry and close to the bone, and anyone who knows warriors can see the power he unconsciously hides. His hair is blonde and he keeps it cropped very short, so it doesn't get in the way when he fights. He hates the colour, though, and so washes his hair very rarely, allowing it to darken with dirt and blood. His eyes are blue, and constantly moving - the last time they were still for more than five seconds was when he saw his first naked woman.

Tschaveh dresses in basic clothing - a tunic and leggings. His tunic is dark red - he picked that colour so his blood stains wouldn't show up as much. His leggings are dark brown, almost black, and they reach down to his ankles. Tschaveh wears thick, closed-sole shoes that he picked off of a dead miner, and while not indestructible, they are incredibly hard and haven't been broken in three years of heavy use. Underneath his tunic is a light-blue monk-style upper body wrapping, that completely covers his arms down to his wrists, and his left hand (the gloved one) is wrapped entirely in dirty bandages.

Tschaveh also carries a small bag that he slings over his shoulder while traveling. It is faded red - the same colour as his shirt - and the drawstring cord is long enough to be used as a belt if need be. Normally, Tschaveh ties the cord to the top of his leggings and slings the bag over his shoulder, but if he needs to fight he can untie the cord and throw the bag away in a manner of seconds.

Personality: Tschaveh wishes for adventure above all else - to say he had an abiding fear of boredom would not be far from the truth. His comrades are important to him, but if he feels like he's been betrayed his vengeance will be swift and unmerciless. He usually ignores random people, even when they're in need, unless they can offer excitement or rewards in return.

Despite this, he usually tries to avoid killing people, because he figures that the more people he leaves alive, the more people will try to seek vengeance on him, thus forestaying boredom. He also has a weakness for animals and Pokemon, and sees them as a purer form of life than humanity. Those who treat "lesser beings" horribly had best not let Tschaveh see them doing it. Everyone gets two chances, according to Tschaveh, but hurting something less fortunate than you is worth three of them.

History: Tschaveh was born the third son of a pair of custodians in Fort Aer. He wasn't content to clean and maintain the esoteric pieces of machinery for his life, so when he turned sixteen he stole a piece of hextech from a dusty old gallery (his glove) and managed to sneak his way on board one of the floating ships that belonged to a raiding party, one of the brave and fearless groups that search the void for powerful Pokemon and magical artifacts. Tschaveh was used to the aerial devices from his time in Fort Aer, so unlike most of the new members he didn't waste his time pottering around the ship. Instead, he trained in the use of his sword with the armoury-master, who gifted it to him after he showed promise as a warrior. Tschaveh did indeed show promise - he was able to beat almost everyone on board.

The raiding ship finally arrived on one of the further-out floating isles in the Void. The crew went ashore to try and locate some valuables, Tschaveh included. The dark powers and screams of the dead played havoc with Tschaveh's senses and memory, and he became separated from the crew. He crawled around on the island for days, the large jewel-shard in the centre of his glove slowly growing darker. When he was on the verge of death, a Pawniard found him, and rescued him from his fate. The two became close, and they lived together for what seemed like years but Tschaveh is sure was no longer than a couple of months. Despite their awful surroundings, Tschaveh was happy (but bored) with his friend, who he named Kikirev.

One day, another airship arrived on the island. Tschaveh was overjoyed - he'd finally be able to return to a place where the sky was blue and the land wasn't barren. He collected his possessions and brought Kikirev down to the cliff-face where the ship had docked. To his surprise, the humans started shouting with fear and drawing their weapons. Before Tschaveh could ask what was wrong, one of the raiders shot him in the arm with an arrow, and a spear hit his foot. Tschaveh's animalistic cry of pain caused his glove to glow bright white, and Kikirev began to exude the light as well. This was the last thing Tschaveh saw before blacking out. He did not see the Pawniard at his side evolve into a Bisharp. Upon completing the process, Kikirev roared defiance at the humans who had caused his only friend pain, and he ran towards them, deflecting their primitive missiles with his almost-impenetrable armour, intending to cause pain unto them.

When Tschaveh awoke, he was on a gently rocking ship, pools of blood below him. The arrow and spear had been removed, and Kikirev was sitting next to him. It didn't take long for Tschaveh to realize that Kikirev had slaughtered the entire party and set the airship in motion towards the mainland. Unluckily, a storm that had been brewing and it crossed their path, causing the magical ship to lose control. Panicking and losing blood, Tschaveh tried to steer the boat with Kikirev's help, but he wasn't able to do so. He cut down the sails and huddled in them with his friend, hoping their death would come quickly.

After a vicious storm that had all but destroyed their boat, Tschaveh and Kikirev found themselves crashed on a bay, not a stone's throw from the ocean. The pair were ecstatic that they'd returned to the mainland, and so after recuperating from their wounds they left on their journey. Kikirev kept the sail as a covering, wrapping himself in it so he could pass as a human. The two traveled for years, simply wandering and looking for adventures wherever they could be found.

One day, in a small village north of Mancia, Tschaveh and Kikirev were declared thieves for stealing some few fish, and the local policemen were sent out to capture the pair. The policeman all had strong Pokemon - a Machoke and a Vibrava seriously wounded Kikirev while Tschaveh attempted to fight off four locals at once. Desperate to help his friend, Tschaveh ran to the Bisharp's side. As he got closer, his glove began to emanate a field of darkness yet again, and when Tschaveh touched his friend a black sphere of compressed energy shot outwards in all directions, blasting their pursuers and their Pokemon away. Tschaveh screamed as the glove fused to his hand, and Kikirev screamed as his soul was linked to jewel-shard.

Ever since then the pair have traveled together, even more inseparable, but with the added condition that they now have to watch out for mage-haters. Often-times Tschaveh has tried to explain that the artifact attached to his hand is hextech and not magical, but most people do not believe the stories he tells of his origins, and so he finds it easier to cover his hand and pretend the glove does not exist. That is, until, a strange man accidentally lures him with stories of a place where mages are not persecuted for their beliefs. He watches from the shadows as the man tells of this place to a young girl...

Pokemon: Bisharp, nicknamed Kikirev. His soul is linked into the glove that Tschaveh wears, and because of this the glove is technically a part of him. This means he can control the glove and emanate his powers from it, although not often and at great expense. He usually keeps his blades dull so that he does not rip through the cream-coloured swathe of cloth that he customarily wears, but the sharpness can return in an instant. He is fiercely loyal to Tschaveh as the human is the only friend he has ever had.

Other: Probably not that obvious, but the jewel-shard on the glove is actually a computer screen kind of thing. Just didn't know how to describe it using the terminology of this RP. Also, the end of his history thing links up to Alaska's.
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