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Default Re: [WAR X] - URPG Section

3 VS. 3
Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause
OHKO Clause
No Helds

WeTastePies... of Octopus Babies
-Accelgor, Whimsicott, Gallade


Pokeviper of The Armada
-Blaziken, Metagross, Gardevoir

Accelgor immediately took Blaziken and itself out with Final Gambit, and after that Whimsicott had Gardevoir trying all kinds of stuff, but eventually Gallade KOd Viper's other two mons.

WTP Wins 2k + 1 Point for Octopus Babies!
Viper loses gets 1k
I ref and get 2k

WAR Wages: 6k
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