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Exclamation Pokemon Gardia Mirage Version

Hello my friend and I are working on making our own Pokemon game, Pokemon Gardia Mirage Version. And we really need help. We don't have any experience with programming, spriting or anything. :S

Here's a list of our ideas:
  • Over 150 new Pokemon and also all the old ones
  • New Light type
  • New moves
  • New abilities
  • New items
  • Completely new and unique storyline
  • 4 choices for main character, 2 boys and 2 girls
  • New "evil" team
  • A new Battle Frounteer that features old characters such as Red
  • New evolutions for various Pokemon
  • Ultimate trainer that has some of the strongest Pokemon when it comes to base stats, all level 100
  • Our own music remixes for wild pokemon battles, routes, trainer battles, etc.
  • Gyms
    1. Bug type
    2. Steel type
    3. Poison type
    4. Dragon type
    5. Ice type
    6. Dark type
    7. Ground type
    8. Light type
  • Elite Four
    1. Electric type
    2. Grass type
    3. Fire type
    4. Water type
  • Double battle against Champion with various types

Here's a point-form version of our storyline so far: (only have up until after the first gym battle)
  • Character has a dream of battling a legendary trainer and loses
  • Then your parents and older sibling wake you up on your birthday
  • You tell them about your dream which reminds them of a story that they used to tell you when you were younger about a boy who is destined to battle the legendary trainer
  • Your sibling gives you your very first Pokemon and then battles you to see if you are going to be a good trainer
  • He/she then tells you to go see Prof. Yew(Name may change) to find out more about the legend
  • Professor says you will need to be prepared for this battle so he suggests you take on the gym and league challenges
  • He gives you a Pokedex, 5 potions and tells you to meet him at route 1(?)
  • When you go to meet the professor he shows you how to catch a Pokemon then gives you 5 Pokeballs
  • He then tells you the location of the first gym and sends you on your way
  • When you get to the city with the first gym you see your sibling and he/she realizes he/she forgot to give you a few things
  • He/she then gives you a townmap and running shoes then he/she leaves
  • After you battle the get the gym badge you head to the next route but get stopped by Team (TBA) and they challenge you to a battle
  • After you beat 2 grunts the leader, who you get to name, talks to you about the legend
  • He says that he had the same dream as you and you won't be the one to face the legendary trainer, he will
  • He then says that you are not ready to battle him and then he takes his team and leaves
  • You then continue to head towards the next gym

There are going to be many things we will need help with such as spriting, mapping, programming, etc. but it will all be worth it when we finish. So if anyone wants to jump in and help out with this please post here. I will be posting this on multiple forums cause we need all the help we can get.

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