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Default Re: What's Your D/P/P Team?

Mine has been great for me so far.
"Starson" Staraptor (knows close combat, steel wing, fly, and arial ace)
"Dinosaurus" Rampardos (knows zen headbutt, rock climb, ancientpower, and surf)
"Blaze" Infernape (knows fire blast, close combat, mach punch, and cut)
"Leo" Luxray (knows Thunder, Spark, Crunch, and hyper beam)
"Tigger" Floatzel (knows aqua jet, ice beam, blizzard, and crunch)
"Mysti" Girafarig (knows psychic, psybeam, stregnth, and rock smash)

Most have beefed up attack/special attack/speed due to my obsessive vitamin buying. :O

This is as of now, they are all level 35-40 at the moment. :D
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