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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [SU]

Name:Sovereign, aka Edorath Ameil
Age: Undeterminate
Gender: Male
Team: The Armada
Class: Ship
Poorly drawn sketch here

Sovereign is an enormous, triangular-shaped battleship. The central body of the vessel is a thin, vertical wedge, on which the primary guns and operation structures are located. Two small winglets are mounted on the sides of the bow, each of which contains an anti-aircraft battery on the upper and lower sides. On the latter half of the ship, two enormous wing-like structures branch out from the main body, although they are far thicker than a wing would be and do not serve such a purpose. The “wings” contain the intake vents for Sovereign’s engines on the forward sides as well as altitude adjustment ports for the engine. Anti-aircraft and medium-range guns are mounted on the wings. In the area between the wings on the main wedge are the operations structures, a group of rectangular buildings rising from the body of the battleship to peak at a pair of towers, the forward one being the main bridge while the aft tower is tipped with sensors and communication arrays. The primary exhaust ports are located on the back of the main body, along with a series of vents that direct the exhaust. Sovereign possesses a total of 5 main turrets, each with three individual guns: two on the upper bow, one on the upper stern, and two on the underside, one facing towards the bow and one facing aft.

Sovereign’s hull is dotted with battle scars from the World War and the Black Wave. Although most damage has already been repaired, the quality of the original material used to construct Sovereign was not replicated, meaning that discolorations of Sovereign’s hull are present everywhere. In addition, more oddly-shaped dents and strange, dark-colored scars are scattered across the surface, relics from the monsters of the Wave.

Sovereign’s avatar, the body of the man whom in life was named Edorath Ameil, looks to be an adult male in his mid-thirties. Although he is not particularly thin, his (rather tall) height coupled with a unbrawny build sometimes give the impression of such. Being a possessed, long-dead corpse, it is quite pale. Edorath has short, spikey blonde hair and thin, sharp facial features. His eyes are colored a very light blue. Edorath’s body still wears the admiral’s uniform that he did in life, preserved from the slow decay of time by the same magic that keeps his body intact. The uniform is a black suit, adorned with several silvery medals and medallions that mean things which no one remember, and a voluminous red cloak that drapes over the shoulders and can sometimes cover the entire body, pinned together on Edorath’s chest by a badge in the shape of the Eye of the Lifemaker.

Personality: Sovereign is a calm, collected personality with little innate desire for nonsense. His avatar rarely ever cracks a smile or indeed, shows any emotion at all, always speaking in a deep, sonorous, deadpan monotone. The centuries have not been kind to his mind, wearing down his psyche year by year, his humanity draining out of him with every passing winter. He has long since lost all sense of purpose in the world, and sees himself as only an observer that watches the scurrying of the humans below. His leadership of the Armada is much the same, for the most part allowing all members to do as they will, but helping wherever help is requested.

It was not always so. In life Edorath had been a humorous, light-hearted man, a fact that had never endeared him to his more serious colleagues in the navy but which he had always found humor in. Pranks and jokes were the order of the day, but only a fool would ever have taken him for one, for even in his jokes Edorath’s considerable intellect and strategic mastery shown through. That old kind-hearted and whimsical approach to life, however, is all but gone, although on rare occasions this old personality still shines through.

History: Sovereign was constructed under the name of Rhapsody during the middle of the history of the Lifemaker’s empire. Already then, the first signs of the discontent that would lead to the World War and eventually the Black Wave were showing, although none recognized them as such then. Sovereign was the first ship in its class, utilizing an innovative new hextech Tesla reactor as its power source, which used Ichor in a new way to generate electricity that would power Rhapsody’s systems and it powerful new Arc Engines. However, during a campaign in the northern reaches of the world, Rhapsody was lost in a storm. It was assumed that the Tesla technology was to blame, and so the series was discontinued.

Many years later, Edorath Ameil was born. The Ameil line had long served the Lifemaker, and in its most ancient histories it was said that their ancestor had been the Lifemaker’s companion on his quest to defeat the Nether Gods and bring life back into the world. Perhaps for this reason, the Ameil family had always been devoted to the Lifemaker, and his favor for them showed as well. Like many of his fathers before him, Edorath joined the navy at a young age, working his way up through the ranks. When the cataclysmic assassination of the Lifemaker occurred, however, it came out that members of the Ameil family had been involved in the conspiracy, and Edorath felt personally affronted. His devotion stronger than ever, he leapt into the War’s forefront. Promotions came quickly during the war, as commanding officers were constantly dying.

When the World War erupted, the Lifemaker’s navy found itself needed every single ship it could get its hands on. During this time, Rhapsody was discovered at the bottom of the sea. An expedition was sent out to recover it, and Rhapsody was raised from the ocean floor and towed back to Fort Aer. After a painstaking restoration, the ship was remade, good as new. However, what had been the most powerful battleship of its time no longer could stand toe-to-toe against the ships of the modern day. So, Rhapsody was outfitted with an advanced command-and-control system, renamed Sovereign, and selected as the flagship for the now-Admiral Edorath Ameil.

Then came the disastrous Battle of Nascent Ridge, that great calamity during which traitorous mages within the navy unleashed a half magical, half biological weapon that decimated the crews of the newly-formed Armada. Many ships were lost that day, and it was with only the barest of skeleton crews that Sovereign managed to limp back home to Fort Aer. For a time, it seemed as though the Armada could no longer fight the War. Then came the idea to bond the souls of the crew to their ships. The decision was agonizing for Edorath, but ultimately his devotion to the deceased Lifemaker won out.

The Siege of Morrigu Barro was a quiet time for Sovereign, since the flying ships of the Armada were of little use in an underground battle. But when the Wave began, he found himself in a fight for his life even more dangerous than the World War had been. Eventually though, the Wave too, passed, and the Armada settled in at Fort Aer, many of them never to leave again.


I'd like to start the RP tomorrow, I'm just waiting to see if any more SUs come in.

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