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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Nalani Hyland (Fogbound)
Wind, Cloud manipulation
Just ouside the Enlightened School for Mutants; Countryside near New York

“Mr. Smith!” Kiseki’s piercing voice startled Nalani, who had taken her eyes off the teacher in order to search for more oncoming foes. She quickly turned her head towards her friend, and quickly followed his gaze, leading her to Alexander himself. The distance between them didn’t mask the cock smirk pasted on his face, a sharp metallic beam hovering close by. It didn’t take much skill at deduction that he intended to fire it… at Keiru. She’d missed the previous assault, but it was obvious to her what had happened. Things would only spiral down from here…

“KISEKI!” Lani could not contain herself, not when she noticed the dark-haired teenager darting toward the President. The flurry of flames emitting from his hands ceased to burn, he was completely vulnerable, although it didn’t seem to deter him. Now, it was obvious to the blonde what he intended to do, and she couldn’t let him succeed. No, there had to be another way…

Sitting here wasn’t going to do anything though. Telepathy was far beyond her capability, she had to go after him, and pray catching up wasn’t impossible. Without further thought, Nalani raced into the brawl, her tailwind providing a slight boost in speed. However, he was already far ahead and time was running out.

At that moment, something heavy rammed into her left side, ramming the ash blonde down hard. Her right side dragged against the soil for a few moments, before finally running out of propulsion and coming to a slow halt. A little dazed, Nalani attempted to pick herself up, but was interrupted by the sound of laughing. She turned her head in the direction it came from, and was met with the sight of a young man. He was tall with light hair and sported a singed green uniform. It was obvious this character was not an ally.

“Dude, you totally wiped out!” His words, however, seemed light hearted and out of place among all the sounds of the brawl. Nalani, however, kept her guard up as she finally regained her footing, and was a little surprised when he didn’t attack. She stood still for a few seconds, and when nothing happened, started to back away. This finally earned a response from the other mutant, who leapt into the air, and managed to cover the entire distance between them, landing mere meters in front of her face. “Sorry to burst your bubble dude, but the party’s only just beginning,” this time, he toke a darker, more serious tone. It was obvious this wasn’t ending without a fight, much to Nalani’s chagrin.

“Let’s go!” he shouted, jumping up again, but instead of propelling himself forward, unleashed a barrage of glowing white orbs. They quickly raced downward, however, with the snap of her fingers, the blonde managed to whip up a gust, which intercepted the spheres. Instead of redirecting them, this move actually caused them to explode mid air. Flashes of bright light forced the girl to instinctively shield her eyes, leaving her wide open.
This vulnerability, her opponent was fully intending to exploit. He dropped behind her, and although she heard him, wasn’t fast enough to react. A beam of fierce light struck her stomach, but despite its strength, didn’t manage to knock her down. Instead, it caused sidestep a little and tears started to well in her eyes, although she managed to keep them at bay. However, this did nothing to help, as another blast was fired, this time, smacking her on the back. This push forced the blonde to her knees, again, leaving her open.

Not wasting a minute, the man clenched his fists, which swiftly became charged with stunning wisps of bright light. Anticipating the next move, Lani tried to pull herself up, but was too slow. Smirking, he jumped back; firing both charges of black energy. These two laser-like beams effortlessly met their mark, slashing both her left shoulder and right hip. Unlike the other blasts, which felt more like punches, these gave the illusion of hot knives had just pierced through her skin. She cried out in pain, but didn’t meet the ground this time. This, however, didn’t seem to impress her foe much.

“Dude, you’re even weaker then you look, and that’s saying something. I mean, what do they teach you here anyway? How to lose in four minutes or less? Well, I’ll make sure you ace that one!” he taunted, racing to the left, firing a new volley of those bright orbs, these much larger in size. Nalani, however, with the extension of her arms, whipped up another wind. This time however, instead of trying to blow them away, purposefully knocked them down, forcing a detonation. Once the anticipated smoke began to rise, Lani continued with her plan, summoning a little fog into the mix, further reducing visibility. Fighting her anxiety, the girl backed up in the opposite direction, the sound of his footsteps growing louder. This would probably be her best and last chance at gaining the upper hand, failure was not an option.

“Now, where is she?” He asked, obviously not believing this fight was already over. “That kill couldn’t be that easy…”

Indeed, he was right. At that moment, Nalani summoned her tailwind, this one far stronger then the last. Once the hazy substances had blown away and the foe was in sight, the girl made two violent slashing motions and these formed her least favourite move of all, the Aero Razor. Taking the form of air swords, this attack was simply super concentrated wind, and was nothing to take lightly. Slashing through his sides, they both faded, leaving nothing but pain behind.

They cut deeper then intended, and the blood toke no time in spewing from the two gashes made. He turned around, meeting Lani’s gaze before leaping upward then forward, his hands glowing an eerie grey. However, this time, he was wide open. The ash blonde simply redirected her tailwind, slowing him down. Taking this opportunity, she slowly moved her right arm, creating another gust, knocking Alexander’s mutant down from the sky.

“G-good one d-dude,” he simply stated, before falling into unconsciousness. The girl felt a little better once she noticed him twitch, and decided to leave him be. There was no way this man could be of any threat, and besides, she needed to find Kiseki. She could only pray he’d been interrupted…

It didn’t take her long to find her friend, despite the chaos of the fighting. From the distance she was, it was hard to see details, but the situation was obvious…

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