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Default Re: Volcan's Volcanic Files

#902 [AIM]


No Perish Song
No Sleep moves (barring rest)
No Intimidate
No Encore
No Redirects
No Helds
No Evasion moves
OHKO Clause
Moody/Acupressure won't raise Evasion.
Special Rule: Vampire FFA - There will be night and day. At day-time, Accuracy is lowered by 1 stage. At night-time, Evasion is increased by 1 stage. Killing another Pokemon will fully heal your Pokemon. Fire, Grass and Steel attacks do 1.5x normal damage.

JokesterJesse with Exploud ends 15th $1,000
Webmaster with Metagross ends 14th $1,000
Captain Dude with Infernape A ends 13th $1,000
Jr with Infernape B ends 12th $1,500
TED with Blaziken A ends 11th $2,000
Coasting Wingull with Blaziken B ends 10th $2,500
AmericanTreeFrog with Gliscor ends 9th $3,000
MaverickKaiser with Lucario ends 8th $3,500
AlaskaPigeon with Dragonite ends 7th $4,000
Roulette Dares with Scrafty ends 6th $4,500
Eeveedude with Vaporeon ends 5th $5,000
Ash K with Medicham ends 4th $5,500
Pidge with Bibarel ends 3rd $6,000
Derian with Politoed ends 2nd $6,500
ChainReaction with Tangrowth somehow wins and gets $7,000
Me $7,500

Total Wages: $36,000
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