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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [SU]

Name: Niusha (Ne-u-sha) Marazina (Mara-isi-na)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Team: Pokémon Elemental
Class: Mage-Can levitate light things (a feather, a book, piece of paper, etc.) with simply her mind, and for heavier things, she simply needs to concentrate on the item and raise her arms (Doesn’t work with really heavy items such as a car, a tree, etc.)
Description: Niusha stands at about 5’05” tall. She has aqua blue eyes, an eye color which almost everyone seems to want these days. She has long, chocolate brown hair despite her light skin. She always has a necklace with a blue teardrop-shaped pendant around her neck.
Personality: Niusha is quite sensitive about things, but isn’t overdramatic. Sure, she can be a bit overdramatic at times, but not normally. She is a mixed personality, being quite rude when anyone asks her a question about her parents or anything. When she is alone, she is emotionless unless something big just happened. She dislikes people talking about parents around her, and hates it when people call her Nia, although that was her nickname in first grade.

Before she moved, she was almost always happy. She was friendlier, more willing to laugh at anything, and didn’t care what people talked about or called her. She had many more friends before she moved, whereas most everyone is scared of her or just plain out hate her.
History: Before she moved, Niusha and her family lived in Saffron. Her mother was a scientist and her father worked at a small shop in the city. There were three floors to her house when she grew up. The first floor was her father’s shop, the second floor was the main house, and the third floor was her mother’s lab. Her mother’s lab, however, was basically the attic, because they had no use for it.

When Niusha was young, her mother didn’t have a job as a scientist, and the attic was used as a storage place. In her free time, Niusha would sleep, as most small children.

Once she was five years old, she started school, and hated it. Her teacher disliked her and gave her detention for almost anything she said. She skipped school the second day and told her parents. Her parents were enraged. Her mother called the teacher and yelled at her about how she was mistreating Niusha. When the teacher didn’t listen, Niusha’s mother stopped dropping her off at school and found a new school to put Niusha in.

The new school was much better. The teachers were all nice, and the students were quite friendly. She went to school here and had a perfect life there until the day that it became even more perfect.

In fifth grade, she had a teacher who gave out free candy if the students were nice, and the students were as sweet as sugar in this class, so they got candy a lot. She met and instantly fell in love with a young boy named Drako. He was a person one would call a “bad boy” due to him having gotten kicked out of twelve other schools in Aria. She didn’t know that she liked him at first, but soon noticed it.

She ended up becoming friends with him, yet most of her friends said she would regret it if she said no to him or anything such as that. She simply ignored them.


Later in life, when she was about 17, she admitted to Drako that she liked him. He apparently got to liking her, too. She hardly believed it, but it was true. She ended up hanging out with him more often, not trying to make anyone think they were dating until the one day he asked her if she would like to go on a date. She said yes, apparently, and the two had the date in a small meadow just outside Saffron.

But sadly, all relationships have something to break them apart. Niusha soon learned that her parents were moving to Parasanti for a few years. Niusha, nor Drako, were the normal age to live without their parents. Niusha asked her parents to stay, but each time they said no. She soon stopped asking them and asked Drako if he could get his parents to move there, too. His parents said no.

The day Niusha left for Parasanti was a sad day. It wouldn’t stop raining, and Drako didn’t want to say goodbye to her. He gave her a gift when she was about to leave, an Umbreon and a teardrop necklace. She swore to take good care of the Umbreon from then on.

When they were just outside of the city, they saw a small place that seemed to be teaching mages. Secretly, Niusha knew she was a mage. She told her parents to let her be here, and they did.

From that day on, Niusha has been living outside of Parasanti, teaching students how to unlock their inner life magic.
Male Umbreon (*Shiny*)
Shadowfang has blood red eyes and blue rings. He has blue toes, too, and an odd light blue teardrop in between his eyes. The teardrop is the same color as Niusha’s pendant.

I hope this is good ^^
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