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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Ichiru, Kiseki & Kotomi Kagami
Telekinesis/Vectors, Pyrokinesis/Force fields, Phoenix Fire/Pyrokinesis/Flight
Outside Enlightened School for Mutants

Kiseki felt a gentle wind come from behind him, which helped the flames he was sending out gain much more distance than before. Shortly after, he saw Nalani at his side, her arm extended toward the battlefield. He gave her a smile as flames continued to dance around his outstretched hands, sending streams or balls of fire - whichever suited the attack in mind - toward the enemies at will. As he looked back at the battlefield, he couldn’t help but feel at least a small amount of fear. He hated fighting as it was, and something like this, where so many were being injured or even killed, wasn’t exactly what he wanted to see or be involved in.

The dark haired teen suddenly became aware of a loud crackling in the air, looking quickly to where Keiru stood a few feet away, a red and black electric “twister” surging from where he stood toward Alexander’s forces, taking out several of them at a time as it sucked them into itself. This seemed to intensify its power, although shortly after it exploded, sending the mutants across the courtyard in all directions. Kiseki was so shocked at the sight that for a moment, the flames dancing around his hands began to die out. Even from his position, he could see that the older male’s eyes were red, and electricity was surging and sparking around his body.

Realizing that he’d ceased his attacks, Kiseki quickly summoned the flames back to his hands, sending a blast of fire in the direction of one of Alexander’s mutants who was approaching, sending him flying toward Keiru, where he was hit by one of the balls of electricity the older male was currently shooting at his enemies. Kiseki looked back over in Keiru’s direction just in time to see a metal pole pierce the lower left side of his chest, bringing him to fall to his knees as his electricity slowly died down.

“Mr. Smith!” Kiseki's fire died away again as he turned in the direction of his teacher who shot a ball of electricity toward Alexander a few feet away, although he swatted it away with ease, , a smirk set in his expression. As he picked up another pole and started to throw it toward the immobilized man, the dark haired teen scowled, taking off in the direction of the two before even he knew what he was doing. As he ran, the flames around his hands completely faded, but he didn’t care about that right now.

He passed Kotomi, who stopped in her tracks to whirl around and look at her brother. She’d seen the electric twister before, and had come back in the direction of it to see if everything was okay, although she’d completely missed what had happened to Keiru. However, when she saw him on his knees, immobilized from the metal pole that had already pierced him, as well as Kiseki, who was running in that direction while Alexander threw another pole, she realized instantly what was going on.

“Kiseki, no!” She yelled to her brother, starting in the direction of Keiru and the younger twin, although he didn’t seem to hear her, or ignored her if he did.

Kiseki darted in front of Keiru, extending his arms to produce a force field just before the pole struck. However, he hadn’t had enough time to strengthen the power of the force field before he’d brought it up, having been in such a panicked hurry, and the pole went through it anyway, although the collision with the invisible ‘wall’ seemed to slow it down exceptionally. It shattered the invisible force in front of the teen, proceeding to pierce him just above his stomach, thankfully missing the nearby vital organs, if not just by inches. He knew this would have most likely been Keiru’s chest, had he not blocked it.

Pain shot up his spine, exploding around his midsection as he dropped to his knees, giving a gasp of pain. Had he not used a force field to slow it down, the pole probably would have run him through completely, but this way it hadn’t gone all the way through, although the wound was still deep.

“Kiseki!” Kotomi’s voice met his ears faintly as he gripped the pole, debating on whether or not to try and pull it out just yet. The dark haired girl was at his side in seconds. She looked to Keiru, worry setting into her expression. Kiseki coughed up a mouthful of blood, looking up at Alexander with a glare. Kotomi followed his gaze, her eyes narrowing as well as her fiery aura began to return, eyes burning white. “You b*stard! You’ll pay for this!”

The younger teen’s yell greeted Ichiru all the way across the battlefield, bringing him to look up sharply in the direction of the voice. He’d seen the electric vortex as well, and knew from the color of the electricity that it was Keiru’s. However, with his current distance, he had no idea that Alexander had stabbed Keiru nor Kiseki. Currently he struggled with another male mutant, who managed to pin him down, flames encasing his hands much like Kiseki’s normally did. The fire burned the dark haired teen’s skin as he struggled with him at first, finally summoning his telekinesis and throwing him a few feet away. Up ahead, he could see Ashley fighting with a girl, although the last time he’d looked her way she’d been fighting with another guy. Currently she was trapped by the girl’s powers, which brought Ichiru to instinctively start that way to help her, although he stopped when he saw what unfolded next.

“Let. Go.” He faintly heard Ashley say as he was forced to attack a nearby mutant who came at him with electricity crackling around his body. From the corner of his eye, he could see the girl simply stand there in a trance, like she was waiting for a command.

“Bring up your hand to your face and kill yourself. Send your poison to flow into your bloodstream and let it kill you.” Ashley’s voice came again, harsh and cold in its order. Ichiru threw his attacker off of him, glancing over to see that the girl actually obeyed the command, bringing her hand to her face and sending poison into her own bloodstream. Her skin became purple, and after a few more moments she collapsed, her now lifeless body hitting the ground with a soft thud. Ichiru was shocked at first, wondering how Ashley had been able to make her do such a thing, but he already knew it had to be a power. He’d honestly never heard of the ability to bend people’s wills to your own.

The pyrokinetic that had attacked earlier came back toward the dark haired teen, sending a stream of fire his way. Ichiru turned quickly, focusing on the flames with his telekinesis, and sending them back toward their user. He allowed the flames to engulf the other male, holding them there long enough to torch his skin a little before he released his grip, bringing them to dissipate into the air. The other male collapsed to the ground, although Ichiru already knew he wasn’t dead.

“Ashley!” He turned to see Ashley had collapsed on the ground, and a boy that looked as though he could be her twin, as well as another girl with curly blonde hair, had approached her, both of them looking to be pretty battered down from fighting as well. Since he didn’t recognize them, he knew that they had to be the other two new students. However, now really wasn’t the time for introductions.

He didn’t hear Ashley’s response, for another mutant attacked him from behind, sending the two of them crashing to the ground. He growled in annoyance, throwing the mutant off of him and getting back to his feet quickly. His vectors lashed out, sending his enemy flying into the flaming tree behind them, where he crashed to the ground motionlessly shortly after.

“You should go rest.” He said to Ashley as glanced back at the fallen mutant at the base of the tree. “If you keep pushing yourself, you’ll faint.”

OoC: Slightly rushed and suckish... let me know if I should change anything.
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