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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Keiru Kabari (Justice)/ Alexander "Blade" Maverick
X-Force/Alexander Regime
Electricity/Manipulation of Metal
Defending Enlightened School for Mutants/Attacking Enlightened School for Mutants

The school had erupted in total chaos, the students vastly outnumbered by the tidal wave that was Alexander's forces. Keiru watched in despair as three students were incapacitated by vines, before being set on fire by a pyrokinetic, and then released from the vines, the students dropping to the floor, not moving to Keiru's knowledge. At the sight of this, something within Keiru snapped, and he let out a roar of rage, raising his arms into the air. Electricity exploded from his hands, swirling above him, before slamming his arms down, unleashing a whirlwind of electric energy. The electric "twister" surged towards a bulk of Alexander's forces, and sucked them up into the whirling electricity, which intensified in power, before exploding, sending the mutants it had sucked up across the courtyard.

The ground where the Ionic vortex(to give it its true name) was scorched bare, and the mutants it had consumed did not move at all, either unconscious or dead. Keiru's eyes were a dark red in colour, electricity surging across his sockets. His body was covered in electricity, his rage fueling his power. He was enraged that his students were being harmed by this foul attack, and he could not stand idly by and let them be harmed anymore. Keiru's powers were powerful under normal standards, but anger increased his power quite a bit.

Alexander saw the power unleashed, and knew he had to take out the origin of the power, his eyes locking on a man who was enveloped in electricity, and smiled. This was too easy. Alexander looked to his right, where a large sharp piece of metal lay, having been dislodged when the wall exploded, and used his power to lift the metal pole into the air, and flung it in Keiru's direction. Keiru was preoccupied with unleashing balls of electricity upon the attackers, that he didn't see the pole until it was too late. The pole pierced Keiru's lower left chest, pain exploding through his body, though the pole missed any vital organs. The electricity died down, as Keiru fell onto his knees. He spotted Alexander, who was smirking, and raised his arm, firing a ball of electricity at Alexander, who merely swatted the feeble ball away.

Alexander saw another pole, and decided to go for the killing blow, raising the second pole, and looked at Keiru, laughing, before sending the pole flying towards Keiru, who was immobilised due to the pole already in him. Alexander knew the man he had just immobilised, and soon to of killed, was not a student at the school, rather he was a teacher, but he was more than that. By the power he controlled, Alexander had to believe that this man was a member of the X-Force, possibly even the leader.
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