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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [SU]

Name: Mary Advent
Age: Undetermine
Gender: Female (Appearance)
Team: Armada
Class: Ship
Description: Base Appearance

Mary doesn't necessary needs clothing but in order to blend in with the people of the word she wears a tight black jacket that has pink cherry blossoms on it and blue gloves. The jacket is long enough to cover mostly her legs thus making it look like a dress. A compact tool belt is wrapped around her waist that she uses to repair herself if needed. On her back are cords that can come out of her back that would allow her to connect to the Gurren.

Mary can levitate but it takes up a lot of her power so instead she can form 'feet' to allow her to walk from place to place if needed. A pair of blasters could be seen on her side long with a katana.

Personality: Mary is mostly a quiet person until something catches her attention. She likes to thinks about things due to her past which leads people to think she is very knowledgeable. Due to the passage time though it actually made Mary slow as she believes she needs to spend as much time as she needs to figure out the whole situation.

Mary also have a thing for cute things. The long jacket she has was the first thing that she got when she was about to locate a body.

History: Mary began her life in the slums of the world back when war was running with fury. The memories of the World War and the peacemaker are blurry due to how long ago it was but Mary knew that eventually she joined the air force of the Peacemaker.

Mary remember that when she was younger that she wanted to be part of the movement that would end the war but didn't want to do it alone. She decided that it would be best to become part of the Peacemaker's air force. She moved to Infinite Harbor as a volunteer to become part of the maintenance crew for the large ships. Mary ended up being on a crew of a medium floating ship called the Gurren. It wasn't one of the impressive huge ships but it would do. Each member of the crew worked hard to make sure it was ready for battle and Mary soon joined. Everybody on the crew acted as one mind and body. May it be in battle or during times of rest. Eventually Mary rose up the ranks to become an engineer for the ship and knew it inside and out. She knew how to engine worked and even figure out how to man the guns.

Then it happen. The Gurren and it's crew found itself in a battle that they couldn't win. Her crew was becoming smaller as the battle raged and the armada that the Gurren came with was following suit. The crew didn't want to retreat though since they all believed victory was close. The battle was slowly becoming one of honor due to the fact the air force was at the moment seeing bouts of traitors from within.

It was then that a mage suggested that they bound their souls with the ship. The problem was that they needed a 'healthy' soul that wasn't close to dying. Nobody wanted to take up the task and the battle was still raging. Everybody saw that this could give them an edge in the battle and help maintain the ship for many years to come. Eventually Mary stood up and volunteer. She didn't want to see the ship she called home be destroyed and as a head engineer she did knew the ship inside and out. That was the last of Mary's flesh and blood life as her soul along with the recently dead's were bounded into the ship.

With Mary as the 'core' of the ship, the Gurren saw victory. The Gurren kept going and Mary made sure to keep running. The crew worked even harder to make sure she was well taken care of but eventually they began to pass away. It would have seen that battle was keeping them alive but the time of peace was making them each go one by one. The fact that her comrades were dying sadden Mary and then the fact that she was limited to so few places made her feel restricted. The place that she once consider a haven of happiness was now a prison of despair.

It was then that Mary came up with an idea. If it was possible for her to inhabit a ship then she maybe able to inhabit other things such as a body. Not just any kind of body, a mechanical body. Mary soon travel as far as she could for the parts that she may need. During her travels she met other 'ghost ships' and joined the Amanda which acted as a support group in sorts. Eventually she got all that she needed and used her 'ghost ship' powers to create her body. The body was the best she could do but was happy to say that it looked human. Then Mary began to procedure to the best of her abilities with the help of mage that she employed to transfer most of her soul into the new body.

Mary found the whole thing amazing. Most of her soul was in the mechanical body that had a bit of Ichor to help fuel the body. The rest was within her ship body, the Gurren. She could feel as if she was in both places as if the Gurren was an extension of her body. Still in order for her to have full control of the Gurren she would have to connect with the Gurren. Her new body had connects that will make Mary literally 'one'. Mary would have full control of the weapons system, something that she couldn't if not connected.

Mary now wanders as much as she can in her new body with her ship. She finds happiness in a way since she can even maintain the ship with her own hands. Still she can't help shake off that things feel off and hoping that traveling will help.

Pokemon: Lucario

Other: Has some control of fire magic but that takes up more of her fuel that Mary doesn't want to waste.
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