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Default Future Team Speculations and Wishes (may include spoilers for dub watchers)

As I've been lurking about on the Serebii and Pokecommunity anime boards I noticed that both had a speculation thread for future teams for Ash, Iris, Dent, Trip, etc. And PE2K did not, which was astonishing.

So I decided to give the PE2K community the opportunity to share their opinions on future teams for Ash and co. Starting with Unova.

As of current:
Ash's Team
Pikachu (M)
Tranquil (F)
Oshawott (M)
Snivy (F)
Tepig (M)
Scraggy (M)
Swadloon (M)

Iris's Team
Axew (M)
Excadrill (M)
Emolga (F)

Cilan's Team
Pansage (M)
Dwebble (?)
Stunfisk (?)

Jessie's Team
Woobat (?)

James's Team
Yamask (?)

Meowth (M)

Trip's Team
Servine (M)
Tranquil (F)
Frillish (M)
Lampent (?)

Bianca's Team
Pignite (M)
Minccino (M)


Ash's Team
Pikachu (M) nothing is changing
Tranquil (F) -> Unfezant since he has/had the final evolution of every other region bird
Oshawott (M) -> Dewott -> Samurott i think it would be a great first to see Ash have the final evolution of a water starter.
Snivy (F) -> Servine -> Serperior i mean he has had the final evolution of every grass starter since Hoenn, why stop at Unova? In any case it would be understandable if she didnt evolve all the way or at all so Ash can prove to Trip that just because he has her evolved form doesn't make him superior.
Tepig (M) -> Pignite -> Emboar from 1 fully evolved starter in Hoenn to 2 fully evolved starters in Sinnoh. Why not have 3 in Unova?
Scraggy (M) -> Scrafty since Scraggy is a "rival" of Axew and if Axew evolved, why shouldn't Scraggy? It may be still kinda fresh out of the egg and is in need of some more training as its moves are still kinda suckish, but I can see that Scrafty has some potential
Swadloon (M) -> Leavanny i mean Swadloon has already evolved from Sewaddle, why not finish its evolutionary line?
Palpitoad -> Seismitoad would be lovely but I think Palpitoad is probably done
Roggenrola -> Boldore -> Gigalith I'm not too sure if Roggenrola would go all the way to Gigalith but if it did I'd certainly be happy about it
Krokorok -> Krookodile I mean seriously SK has been chasing Pikachu around for battles for the previous 2 episodes it showed up. I'd be deeply disappointed if Krokorok doesn't go to Ash. Hell if it evolves into Krookodile before Ash considers catching it then so be it but I would love nothing beyond Ash catching this thing.
Chandelure he has 2 Water types and 2 Grass types. Two fire-types wouldnt be surprising
Durant as I'm betting Trip will catch a Heatmor
Golett as a Ghost-type if he gets Heatmor instead of Chandelure
Reuniclus would be a cool addition to his team and Would be his first psychic type of he caught one

Iris's Team
Axew (M) -> Fraxure -> Haxorus as she was told to raise her Axew into a powerful Haxorus by one of her village elders, in addition to the dream Axew had about evolving back in the Dreams by the Yardfull episode, Axew NOT going all the way into a Haxorus would be very peculiar indeed but not unthinkable
Excadrill (M) is done
Emolga (F) is done
Deino since she wants to become a Dragon master, having a Deino would be also helpful to her if she wants to reach her goal

Cilan's Team
Pansage (M) is done
Dwebble (?) -> Crustle would be great taste for Cilan
Stunfisk (?) is done

Jessie's Team
Woobat (?) -> Swoobat as i think Woobat is pretty content with having Jessie as its trainer. An evolution would be interesting.
Venipede -> Whirlipede -> Scolipede because she has had a Bug-type since Hoenn and/or a Poison-type since the very beginning

James's Team
Yamask (?) -> Cofagrigus to me this happening is pretty much set in stone. Noone else has a Yamask other than James so he having a Cofagrigus just seems solid.
Ferroseed -> Ferrothorn as James loves his Grass-types

Meowth (M) is done and not going anywhere

Trip's Team
Servine (M) -> Serperior is also pretty much set in stone considering Trip is such a level-holic and his Servine is his starter and basically his main slave
Tranquil (M) -> Unfezant is also set in stone to parallel Ash's Tranquil
Frillish (M) -> Jellicent seems plausible due to Trip's level- up habits
Lampent (?) -> Chandelure is also very probable based on Trip's habits
Timburr -> Gurdurr -> Conkeldurr you can guess why
Vanillite -> Vanillish -> Vanilluxe you can guess why
Pawniard -> Bisharp or just Bisharp because I see this pokemon being perfectly suitable for Trip
Heatmor Because i bet Trip can't live down the advantage he would have if Ash caught a Durant

Bianca's Team
Pignite (M) -> Emboar i wouldnt put it past Bianca if she tried to evolve her Pignite
Minccino (M) -> Cinccino she loves cute things and Cinccino is about as adorable as it gets
Frillish (F) You know that Frillish that appeared in the Fishing episode featuring Cilan? I wouldn't be surprised if she made a reappearance and if Bianca caught her unintentionally
Zorua it would be quite a Catch, but Bianca loves cute things way too much to probably resist something like this
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