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Default [WAR X] Drawn Art

Welcome to WAR X Drawn Art!

Hello! I know you are all interested in entering the Drawn Art section of this seasons WAR.
So with every competition, comes some rules and regulations.
I won't waste any more time, so let's get to it!

--In order to submit and entry, you must be a part of a WAR team. If you're not, well, join one!
--You may submit only one entry per week. You can edit your entry as many times as you desire, as long as it is submitted before the deadline.
--All entries have to be submitted BEFORE the deadline. otherwise it won't be entered.
--All entries must fit the theme. If I cannot see the connection between your entry and the theme, you will have a chance to justify yourself.
--Only drawing are acceptable. They can be hand drawn, or drawn digitally. but YOU have to draw it.


--There will be two winners. First Place, 3 points, and a Runner Up, 2 points.
--Judging will be based off of these few categories...

-Theme; 10points. Relevance to theme

-Creativity; 10points. Thinking outside the box, the unexpected.

-Shading; 10points. Proper shading or lack of (in some cases).

-Composition; 10points. How well aspects are arranged on a canvas

-Overall Appeal; 10points. How well everything looks as a whole.

Thank you to Gemma for the help on Judging categories.

--If you feel that my judging is unreasonable or unfair; don't be a complaining baby, post a polite response.


-week one; teams!
-week two; history!
-week three; instrumental music interpretation!
-week four; disney!
-week five; a summers romance!

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