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Default [WAR X] Debate Section

Welcome, one and all, to WAR X Debate! In this arena the only weapons you are allowed are words, the only armor you may bring is fact, and the only rules are civility and proper citation. To win here you need to argue better than anyone else, using any tactics you see fit, and make the most convincing argument, not just for your side but of your side. You aren’t just trying to outdo those arguing against you here, but the people who agree with you as well; only one person from each side will receive a point. In addition to that, two points will be given to whichever team, as a whole, makes the best performance, regardless of what side the individual members are on.

The rules, officially and for posterity, are as such: first, keep all discussion civil. You are more than entitled to attack anything a person says for the benefit of your position, but you may not attack a person’s character. We must all go into this under the assumption that we are all good people seeking what we believe is a positive end. Any form of ad hominem attack against any individual or group of individuals will result in a ban from WAR X Debate for the remainder of the week. Second, cite your sources. If you quote anything, even Wikipedia, be sure to mention what you are quoting. Failing to do so will result in disqualification from individual points, although you will still be counted in judging for the Team points. I won’t apply the same standards to paraphrasing, but it would be appreciated if you did, and will probably help your standing too. And thirdly, do not invoke Godwin’s Law. Any mentions of Nazis or Adolf Hitler will earn a one week ban and and me kicking your butt. If you absolutely need a World War II era supervillain try Benito Mussolini, no one ever mentions him.
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