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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Jecht Remnant
Alexander Regime
Super Speed/Super Senses
Inside the Enlightened School for Mutants

Jecht was running down each hall systematically. First the lowest level, then the next, so on and so forth. He ran past each class room and took a quick look inside, knocking on each wall and listening to the vibrations. However, every wall was solid, and did not echo. No echo meant no fake walls, which in turn meant no super-secret awesome base. It was starting to look hopeless when suddenly the ground shook underneath him. He ran to the window and looked out at the east wall. Jecht smiled when he saw the wall explode and his mutant comrades burst inside.

He still had to find the entrance, but he searched the entire building, and nothing. Suddenly, he heard a dull roar. He turned to the source and saw the ground part and a man standing on a tube came out. Now, Jecht was no genius, but people don’t ride out of the ground on a magical platform every day. At least, nobody had that he could remember. *I’ve got nothing left to go on, he seems to be the best bet.* As he looked out, the man was surrounded by electricity. Jecht ran out the room, down the flights of stairs and into the court yard. He approached the man from behind, and got as close as he could without getting shocked. Jecht took in a deep breath, and remember his scent. He smelled science-y, like a professor in a laboratory.

Jecht spun around and ran out a fast as he did running in. His scent wasn’t strong outside, but inside it was. He followed it until he got to a classroom where 3 people were; one on the floor, and two using their powers on the courtyard. Stopping in the doorway, he took another deep breath. The girl on the floor smelled similar to the guy outside, but her hands were gnarly. He covered his nose, and said “Sorry, wrong room. I…” He saw a girl with pigtails using her powers, and she smelled lovely. “This is weird…” He muttered. He soon ran off, using both the man scent and the girl on the floors to follow a path.

He found himself in a library, a giant labyrinth of books that seemed endless to a normal eye. He searched here before, but nothing led him to any secret passages. This time, using the scents he acquired, he found himself at a bookcase labeled “History and Mythology.” He sniffed the books, and found one had been touched more often than the others. He pulled it, and the book fell out, and nothing happened. This had to be something, when he suddenly heard something ripping apart the air. He ducked, and a blast of some sort hit the bookcase. “What are you doing here?!” A large man was asking. “You must be the guard for this book case huh? Or just a big idiot trying to read gud?” The man had an annoyed look on his face now, and punched the air again which seemed to fire a concentrated blast of air his way. “Too slow.” Jecht side stepped it and stared at the man while he sent a text to Havi. “Need you inside the library, you can’t miss it chocolate swirl.”

Havisk “Havi” Viesus
Alexander Regime
Super Speed/Super Senses
Courtyard of the Enlightened School for Mutants

Havi followed everyone else after the wall was broken. Once inside, he released his power and the black markings started to cover his face, neck and arms. A guard aimed his rifle at him, and Havi raised his right arm and from the man’s own shadow 4 tentacles raised up. One wrapped around his neck, 2 around his arms and one on his waist. Havi closed his fist and the tentacles squeezed until the man fell unconscious.

Havi started to head out and took down every guard that stood in his way. Suddenly his phone rang and he read the text the Jecht sent. “Need you inside the library, you can’t miss it chocolate swirl.” Havi clenched his teeth. If Jecht didn’t die in this fight, he would personally kill Jecht himself. But for now he needed him. Havi ran toward the building where two people were using their powers, one fire and one wind, to block the entrance. He needed to get inside, and he couldn’t move much to the left or right, where the entrance to the building was because of all the fighting. Havi ran, letting the other attackers take care of the students, until he got into the giant shadow of the school.

He had to run past the two performing their entrance blocking and another girl doing the same thing further away, but made it with minimal damage. He jumped into the shadow and slammed his hand on it. Havi started to raise a second identical shadow a couple feet above the ground, with both of his hand stretched out. He moved his hands around as the shadow was morphed into a shape he liked and ended as a giant replica of his fist. He punched the air, causing the shadow fist to physically hit the wall a couple rooms down from the original hole in the building. After his shadow served its purpose, he brought it closer to his body and had it cover his right arm. He was still far away from the hole, and started to run for it, hoping to help Jecht out.

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