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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Ashley, Jeremy and Caroline
Alexander Regime
Telekinesis, Mind Compulsion/ Telekinesis, Mind Reading/ Water Manipulation
Enlightened School for Mutants

Vibrations were felt from the ground, making Ashley stand to her feet as she stood next to Ichiru. One of the walls that surrounded the school then exploded which made Ashley look at it in shock. An army of Mutants then began to fill the courtyard, confusing Ashley when she saw her uncle leading it.

“What’s going on?” Ashley asked herself as the very tree she was under caught on fire from a fire user, making her back away from it.

"Ichiru!" A girl yelled as Ashley turned around. A lightning bolt was coming at Ichiru fast, which for some reason made Ashley extend her hand to protect him with her Telekinesis, but Ichiru had everything under control.

“Ashley!” Ashley quickly looked up, seeing Jeremy and Caroline exiting the hole in the wall that was caused when Ashley’s and Jeremy’s uncle sent a student flying into it. Ashley glanced over to Ichiru for a brief moment, confused on why she attempted to save him for a few moments, and then ran over to Caroline and Jeremy. “What the hell is going on?” Jeremy asked.

“I have no idea.” Ashley said as she shook her head.

“Do we continue with the plan?” Caroline asked. Ashley looked over to her uncle, nodding her head.

“We stick with the plan. We’ll have to fight our own but don’t kill them.” Ashley said. “Spread out.” With that, the trio ran in three different directions, ‘protecting’ the school. Ashley found herself face to face with one of her male friends, Tommy, who has the ability to absorb the energy and matter of anything through his body at will and utilize it in various ways. This includes, but is not limited to, electricity (and possibly any energy within the electromagnetic spectrum), the powers, abilities, and memories of other life forms (via absorbing their metabolism, life force, and DNA), fire, water, plasma, and the mass and physical properties of solid matter. Since everything contains either energy or matter, there is no limit to what he can absorb.

Tommy can absorb electricity and use it activate, overload, and manipulate machinery on physical contact. He can even channel the energy through his hands to discharge it as a powerful energy blast, use it to enhance his strength or use it to increase his cellular regeneration, thus allowing him to recover from injuries at an accelerated rate. However, the energy will dissipate over time or though excessive use, so he is required to recharge. Tommy reached down and touched the pavement path on the ground, his whole body turning to stone.

“I promise I’ll go easy on you.” Tommy said as he closed his fists tightly.

“Oh please; I’m the one who’s gonna have to go easy.” Ashley smirked, making Tommy smirk as well. Tommy then charged forward, sprinting over to Ashley. Even though his body was made entirely out of stone right now, that didn’t slow him down at all. In one swift motion Ashley ducked down from Tommy’s punch, and then kicked the back of his legs to make him fall to the ground, though it hurt her in the process. “Don’t forget who always kicked your butt in training.”

“Don’t flatter yourself.” Tommy said as he reached up and pulled Ashley’s arm, sending her hard into the ground next to him. Tommy quickly got on top of Ashley and pinned her down by her arms above her head, giving her a charming smile. “This bringing back any memories?”

“What? The part where we dated or the part where I do this?” Ashley then summoned up her Telekinesis and sent Tommy flying off of her a few feet away. The two then swiftly stood up and stared at each other.

“Both.” The two then ran at each other, both fists brought back to punch each other. With a quick movement of her hand Ashley sent Tommy flying again, only this time he crashed into one of the walls that surrounded the school, creating another entry as his body flew right through it.

“Perfect.” Ashley said, pleased with herself that she made another entry for more Mutants to enter the courtyard. Ashley quickly ran over to the large hole and exited the grounds, hiding behind the remaining wall so no one from inside the courtyard would see her. “Alright, what’s going on?” Ashley asked Tommy as he sat up, rubbing his head.

“Your uncle arranged an attack to the school to see its defenses. We were ordered not to kill that many Mutants here, since this was pretty much a lesson for them to not stand in our way.” Tommy responded as he stood up, bringing Ashley to nod.

“That makes sense.” Ashley said as she looked at Tommy.

“So I was thinking… after when this is all over, do you want to maybe go back out?” Tommy asked.

“Are you kidding me? You cheated on me with that tramp Crystal. You’re lucky we’re still friends so don’t push your luck.” With that Ashley extended her hand and made Tommy fly back into the courtyard, though he didn’t have a soft landing at all; his head broke his fall. Ashley stepped back into the courtyard as Tommy stood up, giving her one last glance before running the other way to attack more Mutants.

“Well well well, if it isn’t little miss Ashley.” Ashley turned to the voice, sighing at she crossed her arms.

“Well speak of the devil.” Ashley said, looking at Crystal. She had curly light brown hair and piercing blue eyes, being only a year older then Ashley. The two girls then began to circle each other, like how two animals would before a fight.

“Having fun playing school girl?” Crystal asked in a sarcastic voice, though she had a devilish smile on her face.

“We need to fight and it needs to look real.” Ashley said; the two girls were always rivals, even before Ashley joined her uncle.

“Oh don’t worry, because I won’t be pretending.” With that, Crystal created a thick, long vine with sharp thorns covering it; she could control plants and create them. With the vine whip Crystal slashed it forward, scratching Ashley deeply in the stomach with it. The thorns tore the brunette’s shirt and sent blood to drip down her stomach, bleeding through her shirt.

“You’ll pay for that!” Ashley growled as she extended her hand to send Crystal flying into the burning tree, but Crystal quickly wrapped the whip around Ashley’s arm and pulled, creating deep gashes to run down Ashley’s arm.

“You see, with you out of the way, Tommy will choose me. He’s still not over you.” Crystal then whipped Ashley’s face, making her right cheek to bleed as a deep gash appeared.

“Enough!” Ashley yelled as Crystal yet again sent her whip on Ashley, but Ashley grabbed the whip despite the thorns that dug into her hand and pulled it, quickly pulling Crystal towards her as she punched her in the face with her free hand, sending Crystal to fall hard onto the ground. Ashley was about to kick Crystal in the face, but she quickly summoned tree roots from the ground and sent them to crash into Ashley, making her fall to the ground as Crystal quickly got up.

“Now my face is going to bruise up because of you!” Crystal yelled in rage as she stomped over to Ashley, who was standing to her feet. Crystal then reached up and put her hand on Ashley’s left cheek, smiling as Ashley’s eyes widened in fear; Ashley knew she was in trouble now. Crystal began to suck the life out of Ashley, black veins beginning to spread along Ashley’s face. The whites in Ashley’s eyes began to turn yellow as her skin began to turn pale.

“Let. Go.” Ashley ordered as she locked her eyes with Crystal; now Crystal was in trouble. Crystal suddenly let Ashley go, just standing there in a trance as she looked at Ashley; at this point Ashley didn’t care about who saw her using her compulsion. “Bring up your hand to your face and kill yourself. Send your poison to flow into your bloodstream and let it kill you.” Ashley ordered in a harsh voice. Crystal lifted up her hand and touched her own face, sending the poison into her own bloodstream from her fingertips. Her skin turned purple after a few moments as she collapsed, her dead body hitting the ground hard. When the compulsion was finished however, Ashley collapsed to ground herself as well as she felt dizzy. Whenever Ashley used her compulsion, or when Jeremy used his mind reading, it had side effects, so they try to not use it unless absolutely necessary.

“Ashley!” Jeremy yelled as him and Caroline came rushing to aid Ashley. The two looked to be cut up and bloodied as well from fighting, but Ashley looked a lot worse when it came to the gashes and blood loss due to Crystal’s whip with the thorns on it.

“I’m fine.” Ashley said as she shook off the dizziness, standing up with Jeremy and Caroline helping her. “The attack… it’s because Uncle Alex wants to test the defenses and boundaries of this school.” Ashley said as she looked at all the Mutants fighting. “We have to keep on fighting.” Ashley said. Staying as a team this time, the trio ran into the fight and worked together.
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