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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Nalani Hyland (Fogbound)
Wind, Cloud manipulation
Enlightened School for Mutants; Countryside near New York

“It’s great that you’re a part of it now, too.” Kiseki’s voice shattered the growing silence, smiling has he stepped closer, bridging the gap between them. Somehow, having him nearer now stirred something inside, although Nalani couldn’t quite pin what this was exactly. For now, she decided to shift this to the side, and quickly refocused on the situation.

“So you’re known as Vengeance, and Mr. Smith is Justice…does that mean we have to use code names in the X-Force?” The dark-haired boy was now facing Amy, posing her a very good question. It made sense for them to use alternate names, considering their actions, but there was no way of knowing for sure without a clear answer.

"Well, you guys should get going, you've had a lo-" From how she started, it didn’t seem like the blonde would be replying to his query. However, they would never how her statement’s end…

The ground rumbled furiously, and but mere seconds later, was followed by an explosion. "What's going on?" Amy exclaimed, obviously in reference to what had just taken place.

Almost as a cruel twist, a metallic body came bursting through the wall, forcing the students to dodge as it continued its trajectory forward. Nalani quickly turned to the gaping hole left, the answer to Amy’s question in dead sight. Violence, rage, chaos, this trio of words best described the scene that met her eyes. After a few moments, she managed to turn away, looking for the body, and noticed it had gone to pierce deeper into the school. She wanted to go see if her fellow student was okay, but didn’t dare move away.

"I-I can't help in this..." Nalani finally turned back to face the blonde, having missed her previous sentence. Despite feeling a little shocked and plenty puzzled, she didn’t inquire, and only nodded.

"Do you see Ichiru anywhere?" Kotomi asked, as she searched the battleground, probably in hopes of finding her missing brother.

Kiseki’s negative response was quick and to the point. In these situations, however, a single word say so much.

"Go look for him. I'll stay here with Ms. Smith and Nalani." He added causing the ash blonde’s eyes to dart in his direction. She wanted to say something, but quickly reversed her decision. The invading army would no doubt find this entrance and attempt to exploit it. It could get ugly; the grave realisation drove her heart to sink. However… Kotomi going alone into the fray…

She was gone, and Lani cursed herself for not thinking faster. However, it would be stupid to try and chase after her now.

Elegent streams of fire burst from Kiseki’s outstretched arms, keeping back the oncoming aggressors. She’d idled uselessly for long enough, it was time to help out. But… could she?

Closing her hazel eyes, Nalani quickly reached her hands outward, keeping them in place for a few moments. Then, the ash blonde slowly brought them back in front, and felt the tailwind she’d just summoned. It was a little weak, but this was deliberate, stronger would put strain on her friend. This way, his attacks would gain more distance, while placing a slight burden on any oncoming strikes.

Finally appearing at Kiseki’s side, Lani gave the battlefield a good glace, and was sickened by the sight. However, she tried to slide her growing fear to the side, firing a gust from her now extended arm. This wind blew one of the opposing mutants into a rogue beam of yellow light. She made sure to keep her blasts away from her Kiseki’s bursts of flame.

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