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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Kiseki and Kotomi Kagami
Pyrokinesis/Forcefields, Phoenix Fire/Pyrokinesis/Flight
Enlightened School for Mutants

"Well, you guys should get going, you've had a lo-" Kiseki scowled when Amy started to ignore his question, but this quickly turned into confusion when the ground began shaking, an explosion following shortly after. "What's going on?"

A student with a body made of steel suddenly crashed through the wall, bringing Kotomi to yelp in shock at the same time as Amy while Kiseki jumped back to avoid collision. The two siblings looked to the hole in the wall, where a battle was ensuing, glancing back at each other, then to Amy, whose eyes were widened in shock.

"This is not good. You three, go and assist your fellow students." She sat down in a chair after giving the order, looking down at her hands. "I-I can't help in this..."

Kiseki looked at her with a mixture of confusion, question and concern, but before he could say anything, Kotomi grabbed his hand and pulled him toward where the student had crashed through the wall. The hole made as a result gave them quick access to the courtyard outside, where the students were currently in battle with their invaders. Kotomi released Kiseki as a fiery aura began to burn around her, her eyes turning completely white as she summoned her power.

"Do you see Ichiru anywhere?" She asked her brother, whose emerald eyes scanned the mass of people fighting in the courtyard around them.

"No." His eyes fell on Alexander then and narrowed as his hands became encased in flames. "Go look for him. I'll stay here with Ms. Smith and Nalani."

Kotomi tried to follow the direction her brother was looking in, but he looked back at her before she could. After a few moments, she nodded and darted across the courtyard.

Kiseki's attention turned to the battle as he focused his pyrokinesis into his forcfield ability, stretching out his arms to combine the two and blast his enemies backward. He could see Kotomi doing basically the same in the distance, although her powers were strictly the combination of her pyrokinesis and Phoenix Fire. He still couldn't see Ichiru anywhere in the mix, but wherever he was, he somehow knew his twin was okay.

Ichiru Kagami
Outside Enlightened School For Mutants; Countryside near New York

Ichiru refused to use his vectors yet, even though the school was under attack. He didn't mind fighting at all, but he didn't actually want to kill anyone... Not again. The only person he'd aim to kill would be Alexander. He used his telekinesis to toss aside any enemies nearby with ease, but aside from that, he was forced to remain inactive for the most part. But honestly, today of all days for an attack...

"Ichiru!" The dark haired teen looked up to see a blast of fire nearby, which sent several mutants crashing to the ground several feet away. After the flames had died away, Kotomi ran over to her brother and Ashley, her eyes fading back to their normal sapphire, although the aura of flames remained around her.

"Kotomi?" Ichiru only paused for a second before speaking again. "Where's Kiseki?"

"He stayed back at the school with Ms. Smith and Nalani." Kotomi answered her older brother, although her attention went back to the courtyard shortly after. "Of all times for an attack...Ichiru, look out!"

The dark haired teen whirled around at his sister's words, where a surge of electricity - although a different color from Keiru's - shot toward him from behind. Without realizing what he was doing, Ichiru summoned his vectors the 'hands' becoming blades from his defensive reaction, which shot through the bolt, dissipating it in the air and crashed into the opposing mutant, sending them flying several feet away to land on the ground with a loud thud. The force of the power had left a trail in the grass and dirt below, from the powerful gust of wind it had caused.

Ichiru cursed under his breath as the invisible arm-like forces hovered behind him, panting slightly from the exertion of power as he glanced over to Kotomi, who had an almost fearful expression on her face. However, she shook it off quickly, turning back toward the battle.

"I'm going back to Kiseki; be careful, Ichiru."

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