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Default Official Tier Lists and Clauses for Competitive Battling

Last Update: October 11th 2011

This thread will keep an up to date record of Smogon's standard tier lists and clauses, to be adhered to when arranging and playing battles in tournaments, and to provide general information on tiers and the tiering process.

Table of Contents
Post #1: Tiers and Clauses Explained
Post #2: Tier Lists
Post #3: Clause Lists
Post #4: Suspect Lists
Post #5: Timeline of Changes

Tiers Explained
With so many pokemon now in existence, attempting to establish a competitive environment out of such chaos would not be feasible. As such tiers were established, in order to provide several separate, balanced metagames (Or tiers) where competitive play could occur in a balanced environment. These tiers are now created by the competitive community Smogon, who perform testing in order to see which tier each pokemon belongs in.
In this generation (The fifth), there are currently four tiers;
This differs from prior generations, where the fourth tier was entitled NeverUsed, however it is likely that RU will diverge into two separate tiers, RU and NU, sometime in the future.

The concept of tiers is simple. Each Pokemon is assigned a single tier, based on a combination of how much they are used and whether or not they are too imbalanced to be used in the tier their usage would dictate. A Pokemon may be used in battles at their own tier and tiers above their own, but not tiers below their own. Unreleased Pokemon are typically banned from standard play because they are not yet available for use on the Pokemon Black and White games, rather than being too powerful.

Clauses explained
Just as with tiers, clauses aim to keep games fair and balance. However this is through other limitations, rather than banning Pokemon.

Thanks goes out to Mr. Gofre for creating this wonderful thread by combining his tiers with my clauses.

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