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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Alexander "Blade" Maverick
Alexander Regime
Manipulation of Metal
Near Enlightened School for Mutants

Alexander smirked as he called the assault force to a halt, and awaited a message from Jecht. The school seemed quite well protected from where he was standing. His phone began to vibrate, and he smiled, glancing at the message on the screen.

4 walls. 32 guard towers. North 2 gates, south 1 gate. East side weak. Stay on course. Going to look for entrance now.

Now was the time to strike. Keep the guards, and the X-Force distracted, whilst Jecht tried to find the entrance to the base.

"It is time. Attack!" Alexander shouted.

The ground began to shake violently, as a surge of energy erupted through the ground, and in the direction of the wall. It was as if an earthquake were happening, but in reality it was the power of Terrakinesis at work. The wave of energy slammed into the wall, the ground beneath the wall cracking and crumbling as the energy exploded into it, causing the wall above the newly created hole to come crashing down, sending a plume of smoke erupting into the air. Alarms began to wail across the school as the assault force surged like a river through the hole in the wall.

Flames surged across the courtyard, as a mutant unleashed its pyrokinesis powers. One of the various trees in the courtyard also burst into flames. A student charged towards Alexander, his body made entirely of steel, and Alexander laughed, raising his arm and lifting the student into the air, before flinging him into the school. The student smashed through several walls, coming to a stop in a room.

The assault force engaged in combat with the guards, who were severly outnumbered until the rest of the guards from the other sections arrived.

Amy Kabari (Vengeance)
Induced Radioactivity
Enlightened School for Mutants

"Well, you guys should get going, you've had a lo-" Amy stopped speaking when the ground began to shake violently, and then an explosion followed several moments later. "What's going on?"

Suddenly, a student whose body was made out of steel came hurtling through the wall from the courtyard, causing Amy to yelp in shock. Her eyes turned to Nalani,Kotomi and Kiseki, and then to the courtyard where a battle was ensuing, her eyes widening in shock.

"This is not good. You three, go and assist your fellow students." Amy requested, sitting down in a chair. "I-I can't help in this..."

Amy stared down at her hands, wishing she could control her powers, but alas her powers were wild, and could prove dangerous to the students if she unleashed them. She would not cause the deaths of students.

Keiru Kabari (Justice)
X-Force Base; beneath the Enlightened School for Mutants

Keiru heard a rumbling noise come from above, and heard as a far off explosion split the air above. Keiru focused on the computer, unleashing a burst of electrical energy, the only way the computer would work, and pulled up the security system, tapping in to the cameras around the site. The first camera he pulled up showed the east side, with part of the wall in complete ruins. He changed camera, and his eyes widened in shock. The school was under attack.

The guards of the school didn't have powers that could combat Alexander's forces. The guards were humans, discreetly hired by the Kabari Tech to protect the Enlightened School for Mutants. The guards did have hand-to-hand combat skills though, so they'd be able to last for a small amount of time before becoming overwhelmed. Keiru watched as reinforcements arrived from the other positions in the courtyard, and then watched in shock as the ground beneath them opened up, and swallowed them whole. Keiru roared in anger, electricity exploding from his body, shattering the lone light in the room, and filling the room with the darkness of his electricity. The door to the computer room exploded open, as the electronic pad hissed and burst into flames, whilst the computer began to malfunction, before eventually detonating.

The surges of electricity died down, and Keiru was left in the now completely decimated room, everything either destroyed, on fire or damaged. Keiru left the room, and turned left, walking down the corridor, and coming to a large circular platform. He stepped onto it, and unleashed a burst of electricity into the platform. The platform began to rise, heading towards the surface. A minute later, light broke into the tunnel as the platform reached the surface, the platform coming to a stop, as Keiru stood in the courtyard, his arms surrounded by red and black electricity. Keiru stepped off of the platform, which shot back down, the ground closing behind him as if nothing had happened. The X-Force base then went into a lockdown, so the lifts no longer worked, due to the current crisis. The entrance to the X-Force base would be locked in the position behind the bookcase, whilst the platform would be sealed off during the lockdown.

Keiru's face was contorted into anger, as he unleashed two large swirls of electrical energy, the two combining to create one large beam which smashed into several of Alexander's mutants, sending them crashing to the floor in a mess as their bodies spasmed due to the massive surge of electricity exploding through them. Keiru had entered the fray.
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