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Default Re: Favorite Pokemon Movie

Hard to say these are my following opinions.

Mewtwo Strikes Back: 4.5/5
Pokemon 2000: 5/5
Pokemon the 3rd: 5/5
Pokemon 4ever: 2/5
Pokemon Heroes: 2.5/5
Jirachi Wish Maker: 2.5/5
Destiny Deoxys: 3/5
Temple of the Sea: 1/5
Lucario and the mystery of Mew:4/5
Rise of Darkrai: 3/5
Giratina and the Sky Warrior: 5/5
Arceus and the Jewel of Life: 3.5/5
Zoroark Master of Illusions:5/5

Between the 5/5 here are who I think is better.
Pokemon 2000: Has a great plot and a talking Slowking 4th
Pokemon the 3rd: An awesome battle between Charizard and Entei 1st
Giratina and the Sky Warrior: One word EPIC 3rd
Zoroak Master of Illusions: Show the awesomeness of Zoroark 2nd
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