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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP

Cave in a cliff

Ryan wakes up to a nightmare of seeing a dead eevee. he has been having wierd dreams of an eevee lately, and has no clue of the explanation. He sees the eevee waving to him, and a ston hanging from his neck. he trys to remember th conversating that took place in the dream.
"Whats that stone?" Ryan asked
"its a nova stone. one of tns of rare stones." The eevee said "I use t to only protect those i call my friends...if i only had any."
Ryan then curls up round the small eevee, and warms him up with a light ember.
"If we stay together as a group, would we call eachother friends?" Ryan said?
"Practically brothers." The eevee responded.
Then the dream went to years later.
"So Nova, where have these clone come from?" Ryan asks
nova shrugs having no clue, when an arcanine and a eevee clone pop out of the bush, both being the clones of ourselves.
"You two are to be needed by the Master Mewtwo." the arcanine said.
"You can just go to..." Ryan started but then stopped as i stepped forward, and used shadow ball on the arcanine, blowing him into a treebranch.
Ryan then uses Fire Blast on the eevee as the two then run back
"Whos a mewtwo?" Ryan asked
"I dont know Ryan, but i think i know some people who do. my father heard of some group thatts underground and i plan to go there and get answers on who Mewtwo is." nova said.
"nova, i have a secret i have to tell you" Ryan said. "I...I...I think of you as my brother...we're protective of eachother, and really close...but i think we just need to seperate to find your group. so lets get ready to find that group."
Ryan then comes back to reality and sobs a bit, remembering that he has never seen nova after that last moment.


I turn to see the blaziken, then suddenlly sens something about him that makes me believe thtat i should be scared, so i back up a bit, my tail between my legs.
'i-i-i'm sorry...i was j-j-just h-h-hiding my s-s-stone so it wouldnt be s-s-stolen...they say that if it has gotten into the wrong hands, my life would be in danger."
i then think back to the day when a evil riolu got my stone, and i almost died until Ryan blew the Riolu away, got my stone back, then i become fully revived, being that ryans heart was as pure as Mine.
"You ok nova?" Ryan asked
'Yes ryan." I said, scared to death. "We need to get back to the cave"
I then recover to the flashback to see the blaziken still standing there.
"if you want me to find a more suitible place for my stone, i could try to find a better place." Then i go back in the cookie jar and grab the gleaing clear stone in my mouth, and i walk back to him still shaking a bit being scared.
"s-s-so w-w-what d-d-do we d-d-do?" i asked.
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