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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Kiseki and Kotomi Kagami
Pyrokinesis/Forcefields, Phoenix Fire/Pyrokinesis/Flight
Enlightened School for Mutants; Countryside near New York

The remaining two listened to Amy as she told Keiru why she’d called Nalani in there as well, smiling as the invitation to join the X-Force was given to her as well. Keiru gave a sigh afterward, bringing Kiseki and Kotomi to look back at him just as he turned to them with a soft smile.

“Enjoy the rest of your day. In the morning I would like you and Ichiru-” He paused to look at Nalani before continuing. “-And Nalani, if she accepts, to meet me in the East Wing library, in the History and Mythology section.”

All either of them could do was nod in response as he left the room, leaving only them, Nalani and Amy left. After a few moments of silence, Nalani finally spoke, turning her attention to Amy.

“Th-Thank you.” It was obvious through the tone of her voice that she was shocked and possibly even nervous. “I…I’d be honored to j-join.” She took a few steps toward the two but pause. However, when she offered them a friendly smile, both of them didn’t hesitate to return it; Kiseki doing so first, quickly followed by Kotomi.

“It’s great that you’re a part of it now, too.” The middle sibling kept his smile as he spoke to break the awkward silence, moving closer to his friend as he did.. He looked to Amy then, his expression shifting to one of question as Kotomi walked over to stand beside him. “So you’re known as Vengeance, and Mr. Smith is Justice…does that mean we have to use code names in the X-Force?”

Ichiru Kagami & Ashley Gilbert
X-Force, Alexander Regime
Vectors/Telekinesis, Telekinesis/Mind Compulsion
Outside Enlightened School for Mutants; Countryside near New York

Ichiru was greeted by a blur and a gust of wind shortly after he passed through the doors of the school. He turned around to look for the source of it, an obviously confused look on his face. He already knew that it had to have been someone from the school, but why were they headed inside in such a hurry?

He decided not to fret too much over it. At a place like this, that had to be normal anyway, right? Just like how students scattered across the school yard were using their powers to show off or play around. Even as he crossed the yard to look for Ashley, he had to dodge a few spurts of fire, water, random levitating rocks and such. The combination of his annoyance to these things, as well as the fact that he would have to be a school escort against his will and the slight threat he received from some of the other males around him tempted him to summon his vectors - if not ‘just in case’. But he knew already how that would end up and behaved himself, continuing across the school yard silently.

“How am I supposed to find someone in all of these people without a description to go by…” He muttered as he looked at the crowd of students scattered all around him. However, his gaze fell on a brunette who was sitting at the base of a lone tree away from everyone else. He knew from experience that new students normally separated themselves from others at first - with the exception of Kiseki, who was probably too friendly for his own good… Either way, that was a good way to find someone who was new to the school, and even if she wasn’t Ashley, he could at least ask if she’d seen anyone unfamiliar around.

After reading the responding text, Ashley heard approaching footsteps, which brought her to quickly delete the message and put her phone away, looking up to see a dark haired boy approach her.

“You new here?” Before she could say anything, he spoke first, stopping near the tree to look down at her.

Yeah, me, my brother and a friend of mine just enrolled today.” Ashley put on a smile as she responded so as not to strike up any suspicion in the boy. “How did you know?”

“New students tend to hang out over here in the first few days. This is basically the newbie tree.” Ashley couldn’t help but give a real smile at Ichiru’s response.

“Well then I must have made myself stand out like a sore thumb, huh?”

“I wouldn’t have found you otherwise.” Ichiru smirked at her as he leaned on the tree, glancing up at the rest of the students in the school yard.

“So… did you need something, or were you just coming to say hi, or what?” He looked back down at Ashley as she spoke. Somehow he didn’t feel so sour about his duty anymore all of a sudden.

“Ms. Hamilton, who I’m sure you already met, assigned me as your escort.” Ichiru responded, looking down to meet Ashley’s gaze as she looked back up at him, obviously recognizing the name mentioned. “I’m supposed to show you and the others around the school.”

“You seem ecstatic about it.” Ichiru chuckled at Ashley’s remark.

“Simply delighted.” He paused, his emerald eyes studying the brunette beside him. “My name’s Ichiru, by the way.”

“Ashley.” She gave him another smile, this one more genuine-looking. With this kind of start, it’d be easier to find out more about the school and its students and take it down from the inside out. One of its own students would even aid in its destruction unknowingly. Things couldn’t be going any smoother…
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