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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

Beach nearby Route 1

Money. Bleh to money rewards. Avalon personally didn't get the point of currency-money was the source of most government corruption, the reason behind most theiveries, and the goal behind most conspiracies. It seemed society needed money, which is just another reason why society is for idiots.

But money was what he needed to buy stuff with, and he'd need to buy the essentials that he'd use up later. Plus, he needed to get through that jungle to get to Avar town. What did it matter?

"I'm in on this. So totally in. I was wis hing to get to Avar town myself." Avalon said.

Then he heard this: "Just let me know when you're all set to leave."

"I'm pretty sure I'm as set as possible, and I'm pretty sure you'd like to get there as soon as you can. I'm ready to go." Avalon said. "What about you, Rob?"

"Riiiii! Ri-ri-riiiii!" Scyez went.
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