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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Jecht Remnant & Havisk “Havi” Viesus
Alexander Regime
Super Speed/Super Senses
En route to Enlightened School for Mutants

"This is to teach them a lesson, in not crossing me. We will damage the population of the school, but not kill all of them. So yes, you could say it is a test of their strength. Jecht, you're very speedy. I want you to get to the school and scout, give me a report on the entire area and its defenses, and weak points. After that, you're free to stay and watch, or return to New York. The X-Force is not to be underestimated though, their base is located somewhere on the premises of the school, and the school is very large, and houses over three hundred students, lingering near four hundred."

Jecht groaned loudly. In the back of his mind he knew he was going to have to do some work, but he hoped that for once he didn’t. He was so wrong it wasn’t even funny. After sulkily walking for a bit, he looked up at Alexander and proclaimed “Alright, well, let me check up on something and I’ll be off to the school for rejects.” Jecht zoomed off near the front of the group where a guy was chatting to a couple of mutants. “Havi, bro, over here.” Jecht was standing off to the side of the group and motioning for Havi to walk over to him.

Havi stopped mid sentence and looked around at Jecht. What does he want now? He thought irritably. He jogged over to him and folded his arms across his chest. Jecht was still smiling and put his arm around him.

“Why so blue, panda-bear?”

“I said don’t call me those names. It’s not cool.”

“Aw, but I’m only playing. But seriously, do you know what we’re doing.”

Havi shook his head and Jecht explained that they we’re heading to the Enlightened School for Mutants to teach them a lesson. This brought a smile to Havi’s face, since he hadn’t really had a good fight in a while. Jecht explained they were to not kill them, but to maim them and let them know who they were messing with, and to not cross their path. After telling him the plan, Jecht ran off to the school. Surrounded by trees, the school sat in a giant courtyard by four walls. The south side of the walls had 1 gate and the north side had 2. The walls were made to look like brick, but it was obvious to Jecht that it wasn’t. It would make sense that it was made of reinforced steel and other tough and durable materials.

However, each wall had 4 guard towers, connected to each wall and was a giant cylinder from the base to the look out. The part where the guards were located at were actually large circles on their sides, with a flat surface connected to the cylinder beneath. Each tower was then topped with a rounded pyramid shape. From his position deep within the branches of the tree he climbed, he could see into each tower and make out about 2 guards in each, making 32 guards. They had rifles, but they were not standard looking rifles, which means they probably had tranquilizer darts to keep mutants that were getting out of hand under control. Jecht ran forward and hid behind another tree where the front gate was located at. Two guards were on patrol, staring off into space, looking at the road. A car was leaving, so when the gate opened, and Jecht bolted inside the compound.

It seemed that most people were in class still, and it was getting to be late in the afternoon, so they might also be inside hanging out. Jecht looked side to side as he ran into another tree and hid near the top. He was still looking when a familiar scent reached his nose. He followed the direction it was coming from and saw Ashley sitting by a tree. Ashley is here? Jecht was confused, but thought she must be here to do some snooping too. In a blur, he ran out of the tree and straight up the school wall, where the top was covered by some railings for aesthetic purposes. Hiding behind that, he scanned each tower and saw that they were changing shifts on the east side, where the army was coming from. Well, that sure is convenient… didn’t matter to Jecht though; it was just what he needed. He sent a text to Alexander saying:

4 walls. 32 guard towers. North 2 gates, south 1 gate. East side weak. Stay on course. Going to look for entrance now. As he sent the message, he ran down the building and then inside, passing a dark haired kid who was walking out.
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