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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Nalani Hyland (Fogbound)
Wind, Cloud manipulation
Enlightened School for Mutants; Countryside near New York

"Y-Yes, that's right." Kotomi was the first to reply after the slight pause, with a smile. "Thank you, Mr. Smith."

"I apologize if I'm interrupting something, but I'd like to borrow one of your students." Nalani flinched as a familiar voice spoke; having her back turned made her oblivious to Ms. Hamilton’s appearance. She turned around, and noticed that the woman was gazing at Ichiru, which could only mean one thing. "Ichiru, can I ask you to come with me for a moment, please?"

Of course, Lani’s eyes also shifted to him, the girl wondering why he was being summoned. A few seconds, and they moved to his siblings, who almost looked worried. Had their brother done something? Another glace at Ichiru revealed a look of aggravation rather than of guilt. When he spoke, however, his voice seemed toned down compared to the expression he’d just been wearing.

While making his exit, Ichiru gave her a greeting in the form of a smile, which she returned. Nalani also mouthed a “hey”, but couldn’t tell if he’d noticed or not. After a moment, she turned back toward the others, and was met with Mr. Smith’s piercing blue eyes. She could feel her heart pick up, but felt a little better when his gaze shifted to Amy.

Taking this prompt, the blonde explained, "Brother, I asked Nalani here for the same reason you asked the other students to be here." She paused only to give Lani a glance, "Nalani, would you be interested in joining the X-Force?"

The wind manipulator tried to mouth something, but decided against speaking when Mr. Smith let out a sigh. He then focused his attention back to Kiseki and Kotomi, and seemed to give them a smile.

"Enjoy the rest of your day. In the morning, I would like you and Ichiru-" he started, and resumed once he was facing Lani "-And Nalani if she accepts, to meet me at the East Wing Library in the History and Mythology section."

The tall man didn’t waste time, heading out the door and disappearing from sight. The ash blonde waited a few moments before speaking.

“Th-thank-you,” She said, obviously to Amy, shock and a little nervousness coated her words. “I…I’d be honoured to j-join.”

Nalani, feeling a little less tense, toke a few steps toward her friends, but paused. She shifted binder to the right, and offered them a friendly smile, not knowing exactly what to say.

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