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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Keiru Kabari (Justice)&Amy Kabari (Vengeance)
Electricity/Induced Radioactivity
Enlightened School for Mutants; Countryside near New York

Keiru looked at Nalani, curious as to what she was doing in the room, before looking at his sister for an answer.

"Brother, I asked Nalani here for the same reason you asked the other students to be here." Amy said. "Nalani, would you be interested in joining the X-Force?"

Keiru sighed, turning to look at Kiseki and Kotomi, smiling softly as he looked at the two new additions to the X-Force.

"Enjoy the rest of your day. In the morning, I would like you and Ichiru-" Keiru said, then glanced at Nalani. "-And Nalani if she accepts, to meet me at the East Wing Library in the History and Mythology section."

With that, Keiru exited the class, and turned round a corner, walking briskily down hallway after hallway, leaving the west wing within a couple of minutes, and arriving at the east wing. Keiru turned round a final corner, coming to a set of polished oak doors, and pushed them open silently. The east wing library was barren, devoid of any life apart from Keiru, who made his way quickly to the History and Mythology section. He pulled a book out of the bookcase, and the bookcase moved into the wall, and then to the right, as a cylinder came into view. An electronic pad was on the wall next to the cylinder, and Keiru placed his hand on the pad.

Several seconds passed, and the cylinder opened, Keiru stepping into the cylinder and sighing as the cylinder snapped shut, the cylinder was big enough to hold at least five people. What sounded like a thunderous roar within the cylinder was actually silent to anybody outside the cylinder, as the bookcase shifted back into place, as if nothing had changed. Several more moments passed, and the cylinder shifted into movement, and began its descent. A minute passed before the cylinder came to a halt, the cylinder opening silently to reveal a large metallic and advanced hallway, a single large metal blast door at the end of the hallway.

The walls were of an impenetrable metal, that not even a nuclear bomb could break through. Keiru sighed as he walked towards the blast door, standing in front of it for several moments, silence filling the hallway. The door did not move at all, and anybody that did not know how the door worked would think it was broken, or locked. The door was made from the same material as the walls, but of a different sort. Using the Kabari Tech's facilities, Keiru had built a custom-made material around his powers, and his alone, and the material could still retain its impenetrability.

Red and black electricity surged around Keiru, who shot his right arm forward, unleashing a burst of electricity into the door. Several moments passed, as the blast door groaned into action, opening and allowing Keiru to pass through. Keiru walked through the now opened path, the door closing behind him, and he immediately entered the room on his left. The metal automatic door closed behind him, and locked until he placed his hand on the pad by the door. Once you got into the X-Force base through the door that would only open by Keiru's power being shot into it, all doors could only be opened by accepted DNA- the placing of one's hand on the pads by each door.

Only members of the X-Force had accepted DNA, therefore only members of the X-Force could enter any room in the base, if by some magic someone managed to break in in the first place. Keiru approached the computer in the room, and sat down in the chair, and began typing vigorously, electricity surging into the console. Images whirled across the screen, Keiru's attention stopping on one particular story, a news report from England, in Europe.

The UN Strikeforce that was sent to capture Alexander Maverick was decimated earlier today. Twenty men were sent to capture Alexander, and all twenty are dead. Their families have been informed.

In other news, relations between the UN and the eastern powers of Russia and China have gone south really badly, as China and Russia want to conquer America, and take its resources for their own, whilst the UN wants to abolish Alexander's evil regime, and bring peace back to America.

Meanwhile, the countries of Canada and Mexico are deemed No-Fly zones as Alexander's forces destroyed the governments, and seized control of the lands for Alexander. Canada and Mexico have been absorbed into the nation of America, and there has been debate in the UN to launch its own invasion to free the lands, but this is against UN's policies, and they have been debating upon their actions in this world crisis.

In other news, Russian ships have been seen heading for the east coast of America, and reports come in that the Russian fleet numbers over sixty ships. One can only believe this to be the invasion fleet approaching. The UN has warned Russia that if it makes any hostile action upon the people of America, then it will have to take action. Also, a Chinese fleet has been seen approaching the west coast, and Alaska, more on this as it develops.

Keiru was troubled by what he had read. Not troubled over the UN, no, they would be useful in aiding in the fall of Alexander. Keiru was troubled by the fact that Russia and China were approaching, with an army. War was going to erupt across America, and possibly the world. This was the sort of thing that sparked a world war, a squabble over some land that would lead to declarations of war. Europe and the eastern globe would be thrown into chaos, and possibly even a nuclear fallout, if things got out of hand. And if Alexander decided to get a sudden craving for conquering, all he'd have to do is launch America's nukes, as Mutants would be able to survive a nuclear fallout, due to the corruption in their DNA.

This was trouble, and Keiru didn't like it one bit.

Alexander "Blade" Maverick
Alexander Regime
Manipulation of Metal
En route to Enlightened School for Mutants

“Hey bro, are you planning on killing some of these X-Force people or just getting their strength reads? And do I have to do anything specific.” Jecht asked.

"This is to teach them a lesson, in not crossing me. We will damage the population of the school, but not kill all of them. So yes, you could say it is a test of their strength" Alexander responded. "Jecht, you're very speedy. I want you to get to the school and scout, give me a report on the entire area and its defences, and weak points. After that, you're free to stay and watch, or return to New York. The X-Force is not to be underestimated though, their base is located somewhere on the premises of the school, and the school is very large, and houses over three hundred students, lingering near four hundred."

Alexander saw the assault force, and smiled. The assault force was huge, at a rough guess he'd say there were about five hundred Mutants, but at an exact deduction as he had organised the assault force, he'd say there were five hundred and fifty. The school was going to be hurt badly. Alexander joined the marching assault force, an evil smile breaking onto his features as he could just see the tips of the school in the distance. Soon, chaos would ensue.
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